Saying the same thing that Biology is already a reason for censorship in the UK

Gender dictatorship: a teacher kicks a student out of class for saying that there are two sexes

The imposition of the anti-scientific gender ideology in many Western countries is reaching the extremes of a dystopian novel. We have a new example from the United Kingdom.

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According to Dr. Adrian Hilton's blog, a teacher expelled a student from a school in Scotland for saying that there are two sexes, male and female. The student recorded the scene of the surreal discussion he had with the teacher because of his expulsion:

Expelled from class for saying the same thing as Biology

The professor reproached the student that his opinion "is not very inclusive", adding that "this is an inclusive school". In a moment of the conversation the teacher is heard affirming the following: "saying there is no such thing as anything other than male or female, is not inclusive". At the insistence of the student to say that there are two sexes, the teacher reproaches the teenager for "choosing to make an issue of this. You had an opportunity to keep quiet. You were clearly given an opportunity not to pursue it and you chose to do so." Then, and at the boy's insistence on affirming that there are two sexes, the teacher invited him to express his opinion "to your own house, not in this room", as if in a school there was no room for any opinion that agrees with what Biology shows that there are two sexes defined by XY (men) and XX (women) chromosomes.

"Not every policy is scientific," the professor said to the objections of the student

"So you got to put your opinion out in class but my opinion has to stay inside my house?", the boy asked. "I am not putting my opinion out. I am stating what is national school authority policy," the teacher said. That is to say, that there is an official policy that openly contradicts Biology, and consequently the one that pretends to say the same thing that Biology has to be silent under penalty of being expelled: is this what they understand by democracy? The most amazing thing is that when the student argued that is "not scientific whatsoever", the professor answered: "Not every policy is scientific". That is to say, that the professor recognizes that his opinion is not in accordance with what science demonstrates, but he imposes it by appealing to politics. And then they will come talking about the Inquisition: what do we call this then?

"How can it be inclusive to exclude a student for expressing a scientific view on sex?"

"Shocking, isn’t it? This is an ‘inclusive’ school, and that appears to mean there is only one opinion that is is acceptable in the school,", Adrian Hilton says, pointing out an increasingly frequent paradox in all areas infested by gender ideology: in the name of inclusion, everyone who does not subscribe to the anti-scientific theses of that ideology is being excluded and censured. "How can it be inclusive to exclude a student for expressing a scientific view on sex?", Dr. Hilton asks, and denounces that this is simply an example of the gender ideology that "is being inculcated in the minds of children." Hilton also denounces: "British Christians who believe in (and dare to articulate) the natural order of ‘male and female’ are going to have a tough time over the coming years. Oppression may begin with a student being excluded from class; it will soon progress to an official state orthodoxy and mandatory compliance on pain of dismissal from one’s job, or summary arrest and trial for transgressing the laws of ‘hate’. Who would have thought that the matter of male and female, the nature of marriage, and the truth about the human person would become the foundation of Christian persecution?"

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