A communist dictatorship tops one more year the list of persecutors

Christianophobia in 2020: 33 Muslim countries among the 50 that most persecute Christians

The Christian NGO Open Doors presented yesterday its World Persecution List 2020, which shows the countries in which Christians are being more persecuted because of their faith.

15 member countries of the United Nations Human Rights Council persecute Christians
Attacks on religious freedom rise by 20% in Spain: most from the far-left

Islamic extremism, cause of persecution in 36 countries

The list of countries can be seen here. They are divided into three parts, depending on the degrees of persecution against Christians: high, very high or extreme levels. In that list of 50 persecuting countries we find several communist dictatorships: North Korea (which repeats with position 1), Laos (position 20), Vietnam (21) and China (23). We could add Eritrea to that list (6), as it is governed by a far-left party. But the most significant thing is that of the 50 countries on the Open Door list, 33 belong to the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC). They are the following:

  • Extreme persecution: Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen and Iran.
  • Very high persecution: Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Iraq, Egypt, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Mauritania, Morocco, Qatar, Burkina Faso, Mali, Tajikistan, Jordan, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Brunei, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Oman and Kuwait.
  • High persecution: United Arab Emirates, Indonesia and Niger.

In addition, Islamic extremism is also the cause of persecution against Christians in Syria, in the Central African Republic, which is an observer member of the OIC, and in Ethiopia. There is a circumstance that these last two countries are of Christian majority.

Morocco rises from position 35 to 26 of the most persecuting countries

There are some data on the list that should concern the Spaniards about the proximity of certain countries: Morocco has risen from 35th place in 2019 to 26 in 2020, Algeria has risen from 22 to 17, and Tunisia from 37 to 34. Curiously, in Europe - where governments usually show more concern for Islamophobia than for Christianophobia, despite these data - these countries are considered as examples of moderate Islam. It is especially alarming to note that one of the countries on the list of extreme persecutors, Iran, has links with the far-leftist Pablo Iglesias, who has been vice president of the Government of Spain for a few days.

You can see here the video presentation of this list:


Photo: AP Photo/Mohammad Hannon.

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