A leader of the PCE exhibits a t-shirt with the portrait of that genocidal tyrant

A leader of the party of two ministers of the Spanish Government praises the dictator Stalin

The pact signed by the Socialists with the far-left to govern Spain and the entry of communist ministers into the Government of Pedro Sánchez continues to give rise to controversies.

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A shirt with Stalin's face at a meeting of a PCE committee

Yesterday the delegation of Seville of the Communist Party of Andalusia (PCA), the section of the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) in that region, published a photo of the PCA committee meeting held yesterday in the city of Córdoba:

A detail of this photo has attracted the attention of some Twitter users: one of those attending the committee was wearing a shirt with a portrait of the Soviet dictator and genocidal Stalin:

The guy who wears the shirt with Stalin's face is José Antonio Martínez Conde. On the PCA website, he appears as head of regions in the provincial secretariat of that party in Seville, and it is indicated that "he is the political secretary of the PCA Group of Cerro Amate and has several responsibilities within the PCA at different levels."

Martínez Conde is a party partner of two ministers of the Government of Spain

In addition, on the website of Izquierda Unida (United Left, the electoral mark of the PCE) in Seville, Martínez Conde is listed as "IU spokesperson at the JMD Cerro Amate" (refers to the Municipal District Board of Cerro Amate). In addition, he was a member of the candidacy of the Adelante Sevilla coalition (formed by IU and Podemos) in the 2019 local elections, being the number 11 on the list. In the photo and with a smiling face, Miguel Ángel Bustamante Martín, who was a national deputy of Unidas Podemos (coalition of Podemos and IU) in the previous legislature, sits on his left. We must remember the Unidas Podemos coalition is a signatory of the Government pact signed by the PSOE on December 30, 2019, and under the logo of Unidas Podemos is the logo of Izquierda Unida (IU), party of which Martínez Conde is a leader. Currently, IU has two ministers in the Government of Spain: the communists Alberto Garzón and Yolanda Díaz, both also members of the PCE, the party in which Martínez Conde militates.

The PCE leader regularly posts messages extolling Stalin

Martínez Conde's Twitter account, @Jose_Martinez72, contains numerous messages extolling Stalin. Without going any further, just two days ago he published a message dedicated to the Soviet genocidal and also communist dictator Enver Hoxha:

On the same day, Martínez Conde published two other messages extolling Stalin:

In December, Martínez Conde photographed himself showing Stalin's bust on the computer in his office:

The crimes of Stalin, one of the greatest genocidals in history

On September 23, 2008, the European Parliament declared August 23 as the European Day of Commemoration of the Victims of Stalinism and Nazism, stating that "the mass deportations, murders and enslavements committed in the context of the acts of aggression by Stalinism and Nazism fall into the category of war crimes and crimes against humanity." In addition, in September 2019, the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning "all manifestations and propagation of totalitarian ideologies, such as Nazism and Stalinism", and criticizing that Russia's political elite continue "to whitewash communist crimes and glorify the Soviet totalitarian regime." Remember that Stalin was one of the greatest genocidals in history, responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Mass crimes such as the following occurred during his term:

  • The Great Purge of 1937-1938, with 690,000 dead, according to "The Black Book of Communism." Some authors, such as N.G. Okhotin and A.B. Roginsky in «The Great Terror 1937-1938. Brief chronicle», the number of people killed is 724,000.
  • The deportation of the kulaks, with 6 million dead, according to the estimate of Steven Rosefielde in "Red Holocaust" (2009).
  • The Ukrainian holodomor or genocide, with 3.9 million dead, according to estimates published in 2010 by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
  • The Goloshchekin Genocide of 1932–1933, with 1.5 million dead. Also known as Kazakh Famine, that number of victims is the result of Gabriele Rasuly-Paleczek and Julia Katschnig's study for the European Society for Central Asian Studies in 2004 on the population registered in Kazakhstan between 1926 and 1937.
  • The "Polish Operation" of the NKVD against the Polish minority in the USSR in 1933-1938, with between 50,000 and 60,000 killed, according to estimates of "The Black Book of Communism".
  • The killing of Polish prisoners in Katyn in 1940, with 21,768 killed, according to data published in 2004 by the Polish Institute of National Remembrance.
  • The massacre of Poles during the Soviet occupation of 1939-1941, with 150,000 dead in the eastern fringe of the country that was invaded by the USSR, developing the pact signed by Germany and the Soviet Union in August 1939. The figure was published in 2009 by the Polish Institute of National Remembrance.
  • Massive deportations of Hungarians after the Soviet occupation, with 200,000 dead, according to "The Black Book of Communism".
  • The mass rape of women and girls by the Red Army: 2 million in Germany, 200,000 in Hungary and 100,000 in Poland.
  • The mass sending of thousands of homosexuals to the concentration camps of the Soviet Gulag, since homosexuality was punishable in the USSR with up to 5 years in prison.

A crime punishable by the Criminal Code with up to 4 years in prison

Article 510 of the Spanish Criminal Code punishes with "prison sentence of one to four years and a fine of six to twelve months" who publicly "denies, severely trivializes or exalts the crimes of genocide, against humanity or against persons and property protected in case of armed conflict, or exalt their authors." Given this, it is worth asking: will the Prosecutor's Office apply the law to sanction that apology of a genocidal by a leader of the party of two ministers of Spain? On the other hand, will the socialist Pedro Sánchez and his party, the PSOE, condemn this apology of a murderous dictator from the ranks of his far-left partners? Having put two communists in the Government of Spain was already a shame for our country. That now the party to which two ministers belong tolerate the apology of a genocidal is something that should cause the same scandal as if the one in the photo had exhibited a shirt with the face of Adolf Hitler, because Stalin was as murderous as his ally in the invasion of Poland.

+ UPDATED 21.1.2020 7:26 am: Martínez Conde has hidden his Twitter account. Fortunately I made captures of all his tweets. In addition, in each capture I linked the capture I made of each tweet with archive.ph to prove its authenticity.

+ UPDATED 21.1.2020 9:33 pm: The French magazine Présent has echoed this information from Counting Stars, mentioning this blog.

+ UPDATED 21.1.2020 10:06 pm: The Hungarian media S4C.news also echoes this information from Counting Stars.

+ UPDATED 22.1.2010 5:25 pm: The Swiss media LesObservateurs.ch also echoes this news mentioning Counting Stars.

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