They claim the resignation of the Government for its bad management

After two weeks the protests against the Spanish government do not lose intensity

Two weeks have passed since the daily "caceroladas" in Spain to demand the resignation of the socialist-communist Government for its bad management.

Great success of the Vox rallies in Spain to claim the resignation of the Government
11 rights that the Spanish Gov. illegally attacks using the epidemic as an excuse

Against all odds, and against repeated attempts by the Government to silence them, these protests have not lost intensity and have spread to more and more cities, spontaneously organized by citizens through social media, and with the flag of Spain as a clearer symbol of expression in front of a Government that has clearly despised the common good in favor of its political and partisan interests, causing with its incompetence that Spain is one of the countries most affected by the pandemic, both in number of deaths and those infected, in proportion to the population, and also in relation to the economic effects of the health crisis.

I show you here some of the protests this Saturday afternoon, hours after the great success of the Vox rallies this midday:







Las Rozas

Madrid / Avenida de América

Madrid / Calle Ibiza

Madrid / Chamberí

Madrid / Ferraz

Madrid / Mariano de Cavia

Madrid / Moratalaz

Madrid / Núñez de Balboa



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