Shameful exercise of manipulation of the main newspapers in Spain

Poland: the biased Spanish media treat a communist better than a conservative

Last Sunday, the conservative candidate Andrzej Duda, of the Prawo i Sprawiedliwość party (PiS, Law and Justice), won in the Polish presidential elections.

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Poland resists progressivism and the Spanish press is angry

Andrzej Duda's is a victory that I have celebrated because it means that Poland continues to resist the offensive of progressive unique thought, and that seems excellent news to me. What makes me ashamed, as a Spanish, is reading headlines like the following in most of the media in my country:

Most of the Spanish media have accepted the leftist ideological dogmas to such an extent that it does not matter whether you are reading a center-right newspaper or one of the far-left: they are titled the same. The most curious thing is that . They have invented a word like that to stigmatize those who do not submit to progressive dictates. The word "ultra" does appear in the dictionary, as a synonym for "extremist". Well, the Law and Justice party is a democratic party that belongs to the Group of European Conservatives and Reformists. It is not an extremist party: it is a conservative party.

This is how the same media treats a far-left party with a communist candidate

It so happens that last Sunday regional elections were also held in two Spanish communities: Galicia and the Basque Country. In Galicia, the second most voted party was the BNG, a far-left coalition that bears a communist red star on its logo and whose candidate, Ana Pontón, belongs to a marxist-leninist party, the UPG. In case the readers of this website do not know it, last April the UPG celebrated the 150th anniversary of the communist dictator Lenin, committing to "continue his work", which is to start shaking, taking into account the criminal terror regime Lenin imposed on Russia.

Let us review what the media that I have referred to earlier have said about the BNG in recent hours:

I am afraid that if Andrzej Duda wanted to like Spanish journalists (with honorable exceptions) he would have to sing "The International" and declare himself an admirer of Lenin. Honestly, I prefer the Polish president as he is and not trust the biased headlines of the aforementioned media. God bless Poland!


Photo: Facebook Andrzej Duda.

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  1. Lac

    You are absolutely Wright.

    I am spanish and conservative, your commemts on spanish media are totally accurate.

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