They exhibited photographs of Lenin and Stalin in a march in favor of the republic

Sánchez’s government allows communists to parade in Madrid with portraits of genociders

Can anyone imagine a demonstration in the heart of Madrid with a portrait of Hitler and nazi flags? Well, yesterday something very similar happened in that city.

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A march convoked by a group that has praised Stalin before

This Wednesday afternoon, several hundred left-wing extremists paraded through the center of Madrid carrying communist flags and large portraits of the dictators and Soviet genociders Lenin and Stalin, both responsible for the deaths of millions of people in two of the largest genocides suffered in Europe. The march was convoked by the Marxist-Leninist Party (Communist Reconstruction), a far-left group that in 2020 placed banners with the portrait of Stalin in Madrid and Valencia and that already paraded with portraits of genociders in Madrid in 2018.

Why did the Government authorize this demonstration?

As happened three years ago, the objective of yesterday’s march was to vindicate the republic. That the supporters of that regime associate it with dictators and communist murderers is the best publicity campaign that a parliamentary monarchy like the Spanish one can receive. The question is: why did the socialist-communist government authorize a march by an organization that habitually uses its activity to praise genociders? Would the government of Pedro Sánchez have also authorized a march praising Hitler? The right of demonstration does not protect the exaltation of genocide.

What the Spanish Penal Code says about the exaltation of genocide

It should be remembered that in Spain Article 510 of the Penal Code punishes exaltation of genocide and genociders with imprisonment for one to four years and a fine of six to twelve months for those who publicly, classifying those who “deny, trivialize seriously or extol crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity or against persons and property protected in the event of armed conflict, or extol their perpetrators.” Despite this, the Government-controlled Prosecutor’s Office systematically prevents any action against those who extol genocidal communists such as Lenin and Stalin, creating a sense of total impunity among the far-left organizations that commit these crimes.

A few weeks ago the Government refused to condemn the crimes of communism

That communist march took place only a few weeks after the refusal of the PSOE and Podemos government and their parliamentary allies to condemn the crimes of communism, in a scandalous parliamentary session in which they were asked to sign the European Parliament’s condemnation of September 2019 against those totalitarian regimes. During the debate on that condemnation proposal in the Spanish Parliament, the socialists and their far-left allies openly extolled communism, presenting the communists as freedom fighters despite the fact that this totalitarian movement has dedicated to implanting dozens of dictatorships.

The communists made their march unmolested by anyone

That march took place a week after a legal act of a democratic party, Vox, the third most voted party in Spain, was stoned by the far-left in the Vallecas neighborhood of Madrid, an attack in which a deputy and several members of Vox were wounded. Some facts that the socialist-communist government has not condemned. Unlike. Yesterday Pedro Sánchez presented the attacked as aggressors, accusing Vox of going to “mount a fight” in Vallecas. A few days earlier, his extremist partners from Podemos accused Vox of the attacks, stating that they were “provoking”.

The Government does not issue any criticism against the communist march

In contrast to what happened then, yesterday the communist demonstration was not disturbed by anyone, neither by political rivals nor by the Police, being able to carry out this outrageous paramilitary parade with a normality that a democratic opposition party like Vox can not because of far-left violence. Furthermore, the Government has not launched any accusations against the organizers of the communist march. Could it be because Sánchez and his ministers do not believe that exhibiting portraits of genociders is “provoking” or “mounting a fight”?

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