They warn about the legislative initiatives of the socialist-communist executive

The bishops denounce that the government of Pedro Sánchez “puts freedom at risk”

The Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE) has published this afternoon a document in which it gives the alert on the legislative projects of the Sánchez government.

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The government "puts freedom at risk and hinders the essential unity"

In a post published on its website, the CEE has released the document approved by the Plenary Assembly of Spanish bishops with the guidelines and lines of action for the Episcopal Conference in the next four pastoral courses (2021-2025). The document is titled "Faithful to Missionary Sending" (see PDF, in Spanish). On page 25 it includes a point dedicated to "The political and social situation in Spain", in which it states the following:

"We are witnessing a deep institutional crisis, in which some political groups wanted to open a second constituent phase. It is not a question of sacralizing the regime of 1978, but rather of affirming that this constitutional political framework has returned to Spain a great stability, not achieved for centuries. The questioning of the Constitution, the monarchy, the judiciary, together with the strong independence tensions in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis, fill Spanish society with concern and uncertainty. The confrontations grow and it seems that we are witnessing an artificial resurgence of "the two Spains" of such a dramatic memory. This situation is supported by the legislative initiatives of the coalition government on education, euthanasia, abortion, democratic memory, the General Council of the Judiciary, which are in line with the aforementioned deconstruction project on a global scale. The development of these initiatives puts freedom at risk and hinders the essential unity, so necessary in the midst of the health crisis and at the dawn of an economic crisis with unpredictable social consequences."

They warn about the social "deconstruction" process that we are experiencing

On page 19 of the document there is also a very interesting reflection on the changes that society in general is experiencing:

"This entire process of transformation does not occur only automatically as a consequence of technological and economic transformations, but is driven by a deliberate attempt to "deconstruction" or dismantle, specifically, the Christian worldview. It seems that there is a well-drawn script with a schedule and tremendous goals. A neopagan proposal emerges, remotely controlled, that seeks to build a new society, for which it is necessary to "deconstruct". Thus we witness an anthropological constructivism in the very widespread ideological currents of gender and in the social acceptance of abortion and euthanasia; a historical and also pedagogical constructivism, reinforced by the dominance of the school, for which it is necessary to "deconstruct", then, as Francisco says in n. FT 13, "Human freedom seeks to build everything from scratch." All this happens in a painless way, because mass culture, based on emotions and sensations, is making this process of demolition live almost indifferently, even more as an achievement of freedom."

As a Catholic, I fully agree with these reflections, and I thank our bishops for the clarity with which they have expressed them. This is the courage we want in our bishops.


Photo: La Moncloa.

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