The attack coincides with the signing of a 25-year Russian-Belarusian agreement

Military of Belarus, backed by Russia, monitor migration attack on Poland

Today, the Border Guard and the Polish Army have faced a migratory attack on their border, in the town of Kuźnica Białostocka.

The Polish Army uses the cavalry to defend its borders once again

Lukashenko transports immigrants to the border to destabilize his neighbors

The attack consisted of a march of several thousand immigrants from Islamic countries escorted by the Belarusian servicemen. Since last summer, the Aleksandr Lukashenko dictatorship has been bringing these Iraqi, Afghan or Congolese immigrants through an air bridge from Iraq and Turkey, to launch them against the borders with Lithuania and Poland, as a revenge for the sanctions of the European Union to Belarus for Lukashenko’s crackdown on the democratic opposition.

This noon, the Polish Ministry of Defense has published the photo that heads these lines, which shows Belarusian military personnel, without emblems or any identification on their uniforms, supervising the migratory invasion carried out by several thousand Muslim immigrants in front of the aforementioned town. Polish. In the following video you can see images published by the Polish Ministry of Defense showing Belarusian soldiers, some of them wearing ski masks, during this attack on the Polish border. The video also shows the defense of the border by Polish guards and soldiers:

Belarus and Russia have just signed a 25-year military agreements

Precisely today it has been known that Russia and Belarus have decided to extend the presence of the Russian military in that former Soviet republic for 25 years, an agreement signed last Thursday, November 4. The information also indicates that Belarus will shortly receive several dozen Russian Sukhoi Su-30 fighters, helicopters, anti-aircraft batteries and possibly Russian-made S-400 surface-to-air missiles.

It is no coincidence that this attack on the Polish border is taking place now. Lukashenko acts as a mere puppet of Vladimir Putin, who is using his Belarusian neighbor to destabilize Lithuania and Poland, taking advantage of the weak response shown by Brussels to Belarusian provocations and internal struggles in the European Union due to the measures taken by the European Union. European Commission to impose its ideological agenda on the Poles. The question is: what does NATO plan to do in the face of this challenge to the national security of two allied countries such as Poland and Lithuania?

Photo: Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej.

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