He has identified an employee of the Government as the author of the attack

The video of the attack on journalist Javier Negre in the Senate in the presence of Sánchez

Yesterday, in the corridors of the Spanish Senate, there was a violent scene caused by one of the people who accompanied the Prime Minister.

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Negre accuses Sánchez's official photographer of punching him twice

Last night, a few minutes after midnight, the journalist Javier Negre, director of the Estado de Alarma TV channel, published a message on his Twitter account denouncing that "the president's official photographer" gave him "2 punches in the corridors of the Senate" in presence of the president of the government, his bodyguards and policemen. Negre accompanied this complaint with an image of himself in a hospital, sitting in a wheelchair and with his right arm bandaged and in a sling.

The journalist was treated in a hospital and has already filed a complaint with the Police

At about 1:00 in the morning, Negre published a new message on his Twitter account stating that he had just provided the Police with providing images of the attack, and added: "After more than two hours in the hospital and leaving with the arm in a sling I am at the police station of @policia filing the complaint. We initiate legal actions."

Moncloa did not allow Negre to cover a press conference despite being accredited in the Senate

During the night EDATV.news published a news item about what happened stating the following: "This serious episode took place at the end of the press conference that President Pedro Sánchez held after the presidents' conference, where he imposed the use of the mask outdoors. Negre, being accredited as a journalist in the Upper House with the badge, the Secretary of State for Communication has not allowed him to enter the Senate's Lost Steps room, as confirmed by the House press services High."

A veto that comes weeks after an attempt at censorship by the PSOE and its allies

For some weeks now, far-left deputies have been refusing to answer the questions from Estado de Alarma TV in Congress. Faced with the protests of the journalists of this medium for this refusal to respond, a href="https://www.outono.net/elentir/2021/12/01/el-documento-que-han-firmado-el-gobierno-y-sus-aliados-para-censurar-a-medios-incomodos/">on December 1 the Socialist Party (PSOE) and its allies signed a document to try to withdraw the accreditation of opposition media, a fact that caused a political scandal. Estado de Alarma TV denounced that this letter was an attempt to expel it from Congress. That the Senate has denied access to a press conference for Sánchez at the direction of Moncloa is a new attack on the separation of powers, and also fits into that strategy of the government and its partners against certain media that are not to their liking.

Estado de Alarma TV publishes the images in which the two blows are observed

This morning, around 9:00 a.m., Estado de Alarma TV published the video of the attack. In the images, recorded at the moment when the president of the government was leaving the Senate, Javier Negre is seen asking Sánchez: "Why hasn't he left me?" The question is interrupted by a hit at minute 0:15. That hit knocks the mobile with which Negre is recording to the ground. He picks it up and asks about the assault on an individual wearing a dark anorak. The latter deals a new blow to him while he tells him: "May it be the last time you record me," even though it is clearly observed that Negre was trying to record Sánchez, not that individual.

The channel denounces that "now they have already switched to physical violence"

Through its official channel on Twitter, Estado de Alarma TV has commented on the aggression with these words: "To date, Moncloa had attacked our freedom of the press by vetoing us from their events, as happened yesterday in the Senate, being accredited in the Upper House. Now they have turned to physical violence. What will be next? Pull a trigger? All our solidarity with Negre."

As I already communicated last night to the attacked through Twitter, I express all my solidarity with Javier Negre in the face of this aggression, even more serious if one takes into account that it has taken place in the Senate. The attitudes of this government are increasingly reminiscent of those of the mafia. It is alarming where Pedro Sánchez's executive is taking us with his arrogance and authoritarian disposition. In any other country there would have already been resignations for this, and yet in Spain there has not been a single explanation from La Moncloa for what happened.

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