The Madrid Summit also denounces the ideological drift of the EU

Abascal and Morawiecki manage to add Orbán and Le Pen to the opposition to Putin

Today the so-called Madrid Summit was held in the capital of Spain, bringing together various leaders of conservative and patriotic parties in Europe.

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The support of Vox and the Polish government for Ukrainea

This summit came in full Russian military deployment on the borders of Ukraine. Everything seemed to indicate that this was going to be, in fact, a point of disagreement. This week the Spanish party Vox showed its strong support for Ukraine. The party led by Santiago Abascal bluntly denounced Putin's "blackmail", aligning itself with the position of the Polish government headed by Mateusz Morawiecki, of the Law and Justice party, Vox's partner in Poland.

The position of Orbán and Le Pen and the criticism of Donald Tusk

However, both the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the president of the French National Grouping party, Marine Le Pen, have been maintaining positions in tune with the Russian government. In fact, this week the Polish Donald Tusk, president of the European People's Party, used that fact as an excuse to accuse Morawiecki of going to Madrid to an "anti-Ukrainian and pro-Putin international". Tusk even demanded that the Polish prime minister not attend the summit.

Surprise in Madrid: Le Pen and Orbán join the opposition against Russia

However, after finishing the summit the surprise has jumped. Spanish media have released a statement signed by the conservative leaders who have participated in the meeting, in which they point out that "Russia's military actions on the eastern border of Europe have led to the brink of a war". The declaration is committed to "working to ensure that the nations of Europe act in solidarity in the face of the threat of external aggression", and adds: "Solidarity, determination and cooperation in defense matters between the nations of Europe are necessary in the face of such threats."

This statement makes Donald Tusk and the European People's Party look ridiculous, and it is quite an achievement for Abascal and Morawiecki, who have managed to rally support for the opposition against Putin's blackmail among those who seemed less likely to take that position. Thanks to this summit, the territorial integrity of Ukraine and the security of Europe get more support.

The declaration also denounces the ideological drift of the EU

But the Madrid Summit has not stopped there. The European conservative right does not bow to Moscow, but neither does it bow to leftist impositions from Brussels. "There is a growing threat that tries to transform the Union into an ideological mega-state; a corporation that despises national identity and sovereignty and, therefore, democracy, plurality and the interests of the citizens of the nations that make up the Union", adds the aforementioned declaration, which accuses the EU of "moving away from the European Christian ideals on which it was founded" and calls to "defend Europe from external and internal threats." The declaration also points out: "We will confront the currents that advocate a European Union alien to its history and that, cut off from reality, lead to demographic suicide and population transformation."

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