They have moved excavators to the cemetery, in a threat of destroying it

Russia threatens to destroy the cemetery of Poles killed by the USSR in Katyn

The escalation of provocations and fanaticism that Russia is leading is now also directed against a cemetery of victims of Soviet communism.

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A Russian state agency calls for a dictatorship in Ukraine and a massacre like the one in Katyn

A march supported by officials to threaten to destroy the Katyn cemetery

The latest of these provocations has been a march supported by officials from the Smolensk Oblast, in Russia, and by Russian nationalists, with excavators and trucks, which has been directed to the cemetery of the Polish martyrs of Katyn, threatening to destroy it. Here we can see a video of the march broadcast by a Russian media outlet (via @quintocolumno):

The murder of 20,000 Polish prisoners by the Soviets in 1940

In 1940, in the Katyn forest, 22,000 prisoners of the Polish Army were killed by the Soviets by shooting them in the neck, a war crime that the USSR denied until 1991. Even today, the Putin regime, nostalgic for the Soviet Union, has blocked the investigation of that massacre, preventing Poland from accessing the documentation of the case.

The pretext for the march was the removal of Soviet monuments in Poland

According to the Belarusian journalist Tadeusz Giczan, the pretext for this march against the Katyn cemetery would be the “demolition of Soviet monuments in Poland”, measures that are directed against monuments, not cemeteries. It must be remembered that in September 1939, Poland was invaded by an alliance formed by Nazi Germany and the USSR. Both occupiers committed horrendous crimes in Poland, in the case of the USSR deporting 1.2 million Poles, many of them sent to the Gulag in Siberia.

To this we must add that in the Soviet occupation of Poland that began in 1944, and that established a puppet communist dictatorship of the USSR, Red Army soldiers raped more than 100,000 Polish women and girls between the ages of 4 and 80, in addition to dedicating themselves to looting the country (as Russian soldiers do now in Ukraine), which is why the Soviet military is known in Poland as “Czerwona zaraza” (The red plague).

It is insulting to the Polish people that there are still monuments to these war criminals on their soil, but in Poland there are still Soviet cemeteries and there are no plans to remove them. One of the largest is in Warsaw, containing the remains of more than 21,000 Red Army soldiers.

They launch a petition to resolve the “Katyn issue”

Giczan has also pointed out that the protagonists of the march against the Katyn cemetery also started a petition to resolve the “Katyn issue” once and for all.” One wonders if this not only includes destroying the aforementioned cemetery, but also returning to the official Soviet version that for almost half a century denied its responsibility for the massacre. Definitely, Russia has gotten into a spiral of hatred and fanaticism from which it will be very difficult to get out.

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