RIA Novosti wants to ban the name of Ukraine and 're-educate' its inhabitants

A Russian state agency calls for a dictatorship in Ukraine and a massacre like the one in Katyn

The Russian government and its propaganda media are already taking their nationalist fanaticism to the extremes of totalitarian and terrorist movements.

Russian terror in Ukraine: the horrifying trail of death the invaders are leaving
Ukraine accuses Russia of resorting to a dirty tactic already used by the nazis in Poland

RIA Novosti takes the hoax of the 'denazification' of Ukraine to its maximum extreme

This Sunday, the official Russian agency RIA Novosti, belonging to the state company Rossiya Segodnya, published an infamous article titled "What should Russia do with Ukraine?", signed by Timofey Sergeytsev. The article endlessly repeats the Kremlin's hoax that accuses Ukraine of being "nazi" and the cynical justification launched by Putin for the invasion of that country, stating that it is a "denazification" operation. But RIA Novosti goes much further.

The article makes clear its refusal to allow Russian troops to take prisoners: "The nazis who took up arms must be maximally destroyed on the battlefield. No significant distinction should be made between the APU [Ukrainian Armed Forces] and the so-called national battalions, as well as the territorial defense that united these two types of military formations." The article accuses them of being "guilty of the genocide of the Russian people" (another Russian propaganda hoax) and then adds: "War criminals and active nazis must be punished in an exemplary and exponential manner. There must be a full purge." This is bluntly calling for war crimes to be committed.

Calls for 're-education', 'ideological repression' and 'strict censorship' against the Ukrainian people

The infamous article, which sees nazis everywhere except in Russia, adds: "an important part of the masses, who are passive nazis, accomplices of Nazism, are also guilty", adding: "The just punishment of this part of the population is only possible by enduring the inevitable hardships of a just war against the nazi system, carried out with the greatest care and discretion in relation to civilians." The same care that we have seen in the Bucha Massacre and in the Russian attacks on residential areas of Ukrainian cities?

For Ukrainian society, RIA Novosti bluntly proposes a purely totalitarian agenda: "Further denazification of this mass of the population consists in re-education, which is achieved through ideological repression (suppression) of nazi attitudes and strict censorship: no only in the political sphere, but also necessarily in the sphere of culture and education."

RIA Novosti wants this totalitarian project to last "a generation"

The article suggests dictatorial recipes and the annexation of Ukraine to Russia: "a denazified country cannot be sovereign. The denazifying state, Russia, cannot proceed from a liberal approach to denazification. The ideology of the denazifier cannot be challenged by the guilty party subject to denazification." In addition, RIA Novosti already advances the deadline in which it proposes to carry out this totalitarian project: "The denazification deadlines in no case can be less than one generation, which must be born, grow and reach maturity in the conditions of denazification."

It proposes to ban the name of Ukraine and a process of 'de-Ukrainization'

The article states the following: "the name "Ukraine" cannot be preserved as the title of any fully denazified state entity in a territory liberated from the nazi regime." In case there was any doubt about his intentions, RIA Novosti adds: "With denazification there will inevitably also be a de-Ukrainization, a rejection of the large-scale artificial inflation of the ethnic component of the self-identification of the population of the territories of historical Little Russia and the New Russia, initiated by the Soviet authorities." The ravings of RIA Novosti lead him to propose the same thing that the nazis did with occupied Poland: to even ban its name. It wants to erase Ukraine as an independent country and eradicate any desire of his people to preserve their freedom.

"Ukrainianism is an artificial anti-Russian construction that does not have its own civilizational content, a subordinate element of an alien and alien civilization," the article adds, proposing to go one step further: "Ukraine's denazification is also its inevitable de-Europeanization."

Russian state agency bluntly suggests Katyn-like massacre

As usual in totalitarian movements, RIA Novosti's project includes resorting to assassinations: "Bandera's elite must be liquidated, their re-education is impossible. The social "swamp", which supported him actively and passively with action and inaction, must survive the hardships of the war and assimilate the experience as a historical lesson and an atonement for his guilt." What this Russian state agency is proposing is the same thing that Stalin did when he ordered the massacre of 22,000 Polish officers in Katyn.

Russia aims to erase the Ukrainian language and the history of Ukraine from schools

In fact, the RIA Novosti article proposes one of the measures imposed by the nazis and soviets in Poland after invading and dividing up that country: "the withdrawal of educational materials and the prohibition of educational programs at all levels that contain nazi ideological guidelines." Seeing what the agency has pointed out before, that would imply erasing from the educational system all references to Ukraine and the Ukrainian language. Coincidentally, today the Ukrainian journalist Margaryta Yakovenko has denounced that in towns occupied by the Russians classes will restart on May 1, suppressing the subjects of history and Ukrainian language. They do not want Ukrainian children to know either their language or the history of their country.

RIA Novosti claims that the Soviet dictatorship was an attempt to "save the West"

In line with the official Kremlin narrative vindicating the Soviet past, RIA Novosti presents the USSR's "red socialist project" as an attempt "to save the West in the 20th century." And there are still fools in the West who present the Putin regime as the great hope of the Christian West...

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