Named Objekt Z1, it was a former Yugoslav Army installation

Secret military bunker found under an abandoned house in Croatia

During the Cold War, what appeared to be civilian houses were used in several European countries as a way to mask military installations.

CRC Glons: exploring a NATO radar station that was abandoned in 2021
An air raid shelter from the World War II today abandoned but still with light

One of the countries in which this was done was the now disappeared Yugoslavia, which after World War II was subjected to a communist dictatorship that disappeared in 1992. Despite the ideology of its regime and the fact that initially the country was a satellite of the USSR, in 1948 the Yugoslav dictator, Tito, disassociated himself from Moscow, and a few years later promoted the so-called Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, formally neutral.

Communist Yugoslavia maintained relatively good relations with Western countries, which left it isolated from the Warsaw Pact countries in the Cold War years. Despite being a neutral country, the country prepared numerous underground military installations to be able to face a possible nuclear war. The most impressive was the Željava air base, which we have already seen here, built under a mountain.

The military installation that concerns us today was much more modest and was located under a two-story rural house, with the typical gabled roof. Named Objekt Z1, it looked like just another farm, but concealed a secret bunker beneath it, built to withstand nuclear war and with blast-proof doors. The Lost Trails urban exploring group found that bunker and recently explored it. A month ago he published a video in which he shows those military installations that are now abandoned:

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