Embarrassing inauguration ceremony of the new president of Colombia

The gesture of dignity of the King of Spain before the wink of Gustavo Petro to terrorists

This Sunday, August 7, the embarrassing investiture ceremony of the communist Gustavo Petro as the new president of the Republic of Colombia took place.

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s pointed out by Martín Higueras in Libertad Digital, the ceremony was peppered with nods to the terrorist group M-19, to which Gustavo Petro belonged, a criminal gang supported by the dictatorships of Cuba and Libya and responsible for 557 kidnappings, including the seizure of the Palace of Justice of Bogotá in November 1985, which resulted in more than 100 deaths, including 11 magistrates. Crimes that largely went unpunished due to the disarmament agreement reached in 1990 by the then president of Colombia, Virgilio Barco, of the Liberal Party, the Colombian brand of the Socialist International.

One of the clearest nods to the M-19 terrorists during the investiture ceremony occurred when Petro ordered to bring the sword of Simón Bolívar, which was stolen by the M-19 in 1974, not returning it until 1991. The moment was greeted with applause by a large part of the audience. All the foreign leaders stood up when the sword arrived, with one exception: the King of Spain, Felipe VI, who attended that investiture by decision of the socialist-communist government of Pedro Sánchez (perhaps in a new attempt to humiliate the Head of the Spanish State).

Our King remained seated before that nod to some terrorists. Here you can see the video of that moment of the ceremony, in which Petro supporters shouted "Alert, alert, Bolívar's sword walk for Latin America", a slogan coined by the tyrant Hugo Chávez:

According to The Objective, the King's gesture has unleashed a controversy in Colombia. Perhaps Petro and his followers thought that the King of Spain was going to allow himself to be humiliated by a wink at a gang of assassins and kidnappers. What Felipe VI did was a gesture of dignity worthy of applause and with which many Colombians will also have felt identified. Thank you, Majesty!

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