Controversial comment by the vice-president of the European People's Party

González Pons blames 'religious fanaticism' for the attack on Rushdie and omits Islamism

Was Salman Rushdie threatened with death by Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Yazidis or Zoroastrians? Reading certain opinions, one gets doubt.

The stabbing of Salman Rushdie and the terrorist state that has instigated it
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Let's see an example. Esteban González Pons is a Spanish MEP and deputy secretary for institutional action of the People's Party, as well as vice president of the European People's Party. This afternoon he posted a curious comment about the-salman-rushdie-stabbing in which he states: "It is urgent to stop normalizing religious fanaticism as if it were just another cultural manifestation when it is nothing more than historical backwardness".

Let us remember that Rushdie has been threatened with death for decades due to a fatwa issued by a Muslim leader, Ayatollah Khomeini. The work for which he has been suffering this persecution was a work that dealt with Islam. But instead of warning against Islamism, González Pons takes the opportunity to spread the blame to all religions, as if they were all dedicated to doing the same thing as Islamic fundamentalists.

In case González Pons has not heard, the vast majority of terrorist groups in the world are Islamist-inspired. In total there are more than a hundred, and they are more than the sum of the other terrorist groups of different stripes together. But for González Pons the problem is "religious fanaticism", in general. There is no worse blind person than the one who does not want to see.


Photo: Partido Popular.

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