Some insistent 'visits' from Moscow to Counting Stars

Attacks from Russia on this website have become commonplace since the invasion of Ukraine began. I've already lost count of how many I have watched.

Attack from Russia on Counting Stars

This Thursday there was a new attack from the same IP located in Moscow. After detecting the attack (sorry for not giving more details, for security reasons), I blocked that IP around 23:00 hours CET. In the following three hours, that same IP has tried to connect 315 times to this website. At this time it is still trying to access.

Not the worst case I've seen lately. A Russian IP that I blocked in another attack, coming from the same Moscow-based hosting company that has the IP from tonight's attack, tried to break in 25,074 times, I guess that in an attempt to saturate this web. This is what happens on a modest website that publishes information in Spanish and English that the Kremlin does not like. Imagine what it will be like in the important media.

Anyway, for my part, I take it patiently and knowing that I'm going to do everything necessary so that these attacks don't shut me up. I'm sorry if at some point these attacks manage to cause a problem in the load of the blog. I will keep you informed.


Photo: Vyacheslav Argenberg.

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