Some withdraw from the game if they are not allowed to play with an advantage

The massive flight of left-wing users on Twitter before the arrival of Elon Musk

Elon Musk has finally bought Twitter and today he has started to fire some of the main managers of that social network.

Elon Musk's plans for Twitter that have gotten on the nerves of the left
The harsh statement of the Prime Minister of Poland against censorship in social media

It remains to be seen what changes will take place on Twitter, but in April Musk outlined plans for this platform that would imply more freedom of expression (Twitter had been directing its censorship especially against conservative users), make its algorithm open source (which would give more transparency to the censorship policies on that social network), add a button to edit tweets, eradicate spam bots and verify all users. These plans, if carried out, would put an end to the hegemony that the left has been exercising on Twitter, a hegemony based on an unequal application of the rules for left-wing and right-wing users.

Some important Twitter users have pointed out in the last few hours that they are losing significant numbers of followers. In conservative accounts, just the opposite is happening. And that's only because Musk announced that one of his purposes was to protect freedom of expression. Apparently, some prefer to withdraw from the game if they are not allowed to play with an advantage, which reveals their curious idea of democracy and the free debate of ideas.

Let's see below some data that the statistics website is currently publishing. The numbers in the middle column indicate the variation in the number of followers from one day to the next (in green if they have won, in red if they have lost). On the right we see the number of followers of the account on that day. We start with the Twitter accounts aligned with the political and media left and with the so-called progressivism. As we can see, the indicated accounts are either losing followers or gaining much less than usual.











In conservative accounts we find the exact opposite situation: they are gaining more followers than usual, which may indicate a return of users who had abandoned Twitter due to its biased policies of censorship against conservatives.







The accounts that we have just reviewed are from the US, since it is the country in which these trends are being most noticeable. In other countries, such as Spain, these trends are hardly noticeable.


Photo: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times.

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