A feature film about the war started by the pro-Russians in the Donbas

'Sniper: The White Raven': A Ukrainian war film in the midst of the invasion of Ukraine

In the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the international distribution of a Ukrainian war film shot in 2020 is taking place.

Data against the hoax that accuses Ukraine of committing a 'genocide' in the Donbas
The alliance of pro-Russian communists and nazis fighting against Ukraine in Donbas

The original title of the film is "Снайпер. Білий ворон" (Sniper. The White Raven), but in Spain it has been released by Movistar Plus (dubbed into Spanish) as "El francotirador de Donbás". It has been released on Amazon Prime Video (for now I think only in the United States) as "Sniper: The White Raven". The film is based on true events and is set at the beginning of the armed uprising by pro-Russian separatists in the Dombas, subjecting some areas of eastern Ukraine to a dictatorial regime soviet style. That Russian-backed armed rebellion was the precedent for the current Russian invasion.

The film has been directed by Maryan Bushan. It was shot in the Kiev region in the fall of 2020 and was released in Ukraine in 2021. Several units of the National Guard of Ukraine collaborated on military issues. Its international distribution began in August 2022, in the midst of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and I think it will serve, to a large extent, to publicize abroad what that country has been suffering at the hands of its neighbors Russians. It is not the first Ukrainian film about the Donbas War: in 2018 the film "Donbass" by Sergei Loznitsa, made up of 13 episodes, was already released. The big difference between the two is that this new film is more specifically war-themed. I personally liked it much more than "Donbass".

The film is good and entertaining, and shows well what sniper training is and the characteristics of their action in combat. Military fans will enjoy watching the film as it details the types of weapons and also shows the evolution of the Ukrainian Army in terms of equipment and uniforms in recent years. To tell the truth, at the beginning of the film it looks like Pancho Villa's army, but later it becomes more sophisticated.

NOTICE: Below I offer some details of the film.

The film shows us an environmentalist professor who teaches mathematics at an institute in Donbás. The professor lives with his wife in the countryside, in an ecological house (much like a hobbit hole). After the separatist armed rebellion, pro-Russian militiamen abuse her wife and kill her. So, the professor decides to enlist in the Ukrainian Army and become a sniper, to take revenge for the crime.

You can see here the original trailer in Ukrainian:

And here the English trailer of its distributor in the United States, Well Go USA:

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