The communist Pedro Castillo has been arrested after carrying out a coup

Peru: communism fails in its attempt to impose another dictatorship in Hispanic America

Communist Pedro Castillo, who became president of Peru last year after a close election, has been arrested for leading a coup.

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Today a debate on the possible dismissal of Castillo was called in the Congress of the Republic of Peru. In view of the fact that there was a majority of deputies in favor of the dismissal, the communist president announced that he was setting up an "government of exception" and dissolving Congress, stating that he would rule by decree until a resolution was drawn up. new constitution. The constitutional bodies of the Republic, as well as the Police and the Army, have turned their backs on this coup and Castillo has been arrested by the National Police.

Likewise, in an emergency session, the Congress of the Republic has dismissed Castillo with 101 votes in favor, 6 against and 10 abstentions, of the total of 130 deputies that make up that chamber. Congress has elected Dina Boluarte the new president. Until November 25, she was Minister of Development and Social Inclusion and belongs to Perú Libre, Castillo's party, whose members have divided today, leaving a part from them.

What Peru has experienced today is a new attempt by communism to establish another dictatorship in Latin America, after the precedents in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. What happened in Peru reveals the anti-democratic agenda that the extreme left is promoting, not only in America, but also in Spain, where the party Podemos, which supported Castillo, is pushing the country to an authoritarian drift by the hand of the PSOE socialists.

I hope the Peruvian people , who have suffered so much because of communism due to the terrorist action of Sendero Luminoso, manage to overcome this sad moment in which their democracy has been threatened with death by a despot willing to do anything to stay in power. An attitude that is dangerously reminiscent of that of other leftist leaders on both sides of the Atlantic.

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