Happy Hanukkah to the Jewish community, "our favorite brothers"

During these days, Jewish communities around the world celebrate Hanukkah, their Festival of Lights. I am Catholic, and I can't stop remembering the words of Saint John Paul II during his historic visit to the Synagogue in Rome, the first by a Pope, on Sunday, April 13, 1986: "The Jewish religion is not "extrinsic" to us, but in a way, it is "intrinsic" to our religion. Therefore, we have relations with it that we do not have with any other religion. You are our favorite brothers and, in a way, you could say our older brothers."

May the search for good continue to unite us Jews and Christians, and may we never stop helping each other in the face of the hatred of those who promote anti-Semitism and Christianophobia. Happy Hanukkah to the entire Jewish community! Shalom aleichem, peace be upon you.

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