The Spanish left-wing puts its ideological dogmas above health

Spain: The crazy Article 19 of the Trans Law and the irreversible damage it will cause to children

Today Spanish Congress has approved the so-called Trans Law, a law that tramples on Biology and common sense to impose the anti-scientific gender ideology.

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Children as young as 12 may request that their genitals be destroyed

One of the most controversial aspects of this law is the irreparable damage it can cause to the health of many children. This risk is reflected in Article 19 of said law (text can be read here). Point 2 of said article states:

"All those practices of genital modification in persons under 12 years of age are prohibited, except in cases in which medical indications require otherwise in order to protect the person's health. In the case of minors between 12 and 16 years of age, such practices will only be allowed at the request of the minor provided that, due to their age and maturity, they can consent in an informed manner to the realization of such practices."

In other words, a 12-year-old boy or girl will be able to request that they modify their genitals at an age in which cases of gender dysphoria "resolve in 80-95 % of patients when they complete adolescence, after going through puberty naturally", as pointed out five years ago by American College of Pediatricians. What the Spanish left-wing wants is for adolescents to rush to destroy their genitals without even waiting until they are adults to be able to mature such a serious decision. It is colossal nonsense.

The legal nonsense of assuming maturity for 12-year-old children

To try to launder is nonsense, the law calls for a 12-year-old child to consent to this barbarity if he shows "maturity". Maturity with 12 years? It seems like a practical joke, but it is not. We are talking about the health of children who are not even of legal age to give their informed consent for any other surgical operation, but according to the government they are of legal age to request that their genitals be destroyed.

Imposing gender ideology over health

What has been approved today in Spanish Congress is a purely criminal act by fanatical politicians who put their ideology above the health of children. Something like this should be taken to court and those responsible for having promoted this irreparable damage to the health of children end up in prison. We cannot continue to tolerate politicians who commit atrocities with impunity, clinging to the false idea that having been elected in an election gives them the right to do whatever they want, even to destroy the health of many children irreversibly and for the rest of their lives.

An imposition accompanied by an attack on the rule of law

By the way,the approval of this law explains the assault on the separation of powers being carried out by the government of Pedro Sánchez. They know that the Constitutional Court (TC) cannot approve a rule that puts the health of minors at serious risk and that presupposes that they are mature enough to authorize a surgical operation that will destroy their genital apparatus, which is why the government of Pedro Sánchez is in a hurry to put the TC under its control so that he does not dare, among other things, to knock down this crazy and infamous law.

What we are experiencing in Spain is an attack on the rule of law by fanatics bent on imposing their ideology on all of society. This eagerness to impose is clearly observed when the socialists of the PSOE and the communists of Podemos try to criminalize anyone who opposes this law by calling them "transphobic". This is an old trick used by all totalitarian movements to criminalize those who oppose them and prevent a serene and sensible debate on the atrocities they propose, subjecting all those who are not agree with them and put them at risk of being attacked, something that is already frequent when they disagree with the ideological theses of the left-wing.

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