It openly boasts that Pedro Sánchez has disarmed the rule of law

Separatism is already preparing its next coup as Vox warned in its lawsuit against Sánchez

Some described as exaggerated Vox's lawsuit against Pedro Sánchez for his attack on the rule of law, but the facts are proving him right.

The details of the lawsuit filed by Vox against Pedro Sánchez in the Spanish Supreme Court
King Felipe VI warns against "the erosion of institutions" in the middle of the Sánchez coup

Vox denounced some events aimed at undermining the unity of Spain

In that complaint, filed on December 23, Vox denounced acts "preparing to commit a crime of rebellion or sedition", acts that are "aimed at territorial rupture and separation of Catalonia from the rest of Spain, and the subversion of our constitutional system." In the presentation of this complaint, the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, told the media that we are facing "a sustained coup over time, which is taking unavoidable steps aimed not only at pardoning those convicted illegally, not only to eliminate and reduce crimes to achieve a covert amnesty, but also to facilitate the future commission of crimes and that the State has no defense when some declare independence or try to to repeal our Constitution in whole or in part."

Sánchez assured that the separatist process "has ended"

Some people considered Vox's complaint exaggerated and claimed that it had no legal basis. These statements seemed to be confirmed by the statements made by Pedro Sánchez on December 16, a few days before his party managed to repeal the crime of sedition and reduce the crime of embezzlement, as it agreed with the separatists to obtain their support in the last year of the legislature. That day, Sánchez said that the separatist process "has ended, we are in a new stage of coexistence and harmony", and added: "In Catalonia there will be no self-determination consultation."

Separatism announces another coup in 2023 to continue squeezing Sánchez

Well then: we only had to wait three days for the facts to confirm what Vox alerted and contradict those words of Sánchez. In a speech delivered this Monday (you can read it here in PDF), the separatist president of the Catalan government, Pere Aragonès, announced that in 2023 he will promote a new separatist process, with the end of "re-exercising the right to decide", in reference to the expression used by separatists in the 2017 coup. Let us bear in mind that the next general elections will be next year , so everything indicates that separatism is going to squeeze Sánchez's complicity until the end of his term.

Separatism boasts of Sánchez's assignments: "We are advancing"

In his speech, Aragonès boasted of the transfers of Pedro Sánchez to leave the perpetrators of the 2017 separatist coup unpunished, whom he described as "political prisoners", boasting that the crime of sedition "it no longer exists and a good part of the aspects of embezzlement have been limited", criminal offenses that "allowed prosecution of the organization of the referendum on October 1", referring to the coup from five years ago. In addition, Aragonès boasted of these transfers from Sánchez "they are an essential step to move towards achieving the effects of the amnesty that will make it possible to put an end to all forms of repression", it is that is, disarm the rule of law in the face of a new separatist coup.

The separatist leader did not even hide the good progress of his strategy, to which the national government has joined. Aragonés expressed his satisfaction at Sánchez's surrender: "We are advancing", and clearly announced the meaning of his next steps at the head of the Catalan government: "we want to decide and we will decide independence."

Will Sánchez's next move be to authorize that coup?

Let us remember that this claim openly clashes with Article 2 of the Spanish Constitution: "The Constitution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation, common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards". This was already warned by Vox in its complaint, pointing out that "national unity becomes, constitutionally, an insurmountable limit, even for a legal procedure of constitutional reform", which would be the only way that Sánchez would have to authorize the next separatist coup. We will see how long it takes for the socialist president to take that step, in the same way that he has decided before the separatists in the pardons for the authors of the 2017 coup, in the repeal of the crime of sedition and in the reduction of the crime of embezzlement.


Photo: La Moncloa. Pedro Sánchez with the president of the Catalan government, Pere Aragonès, in a meeting held in La Moncloa on July 15, 2022.

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