Socialists and communists protect rodents more than unborn children

Legal nonsense in Spain: a fine for an illegal abortion and prison if you injure a rat

The ideological extremism of the Spanish left is exhibited again today in the Congress of Deputies with a bill that harms human rights.

2.6 million aborted children in Spain: the politicians responsible for this monstrosity
The Spanish government legalizes bestiality and imposes prison for injuring a rat

A reform that further unprotects human life in its beginnings

As indicated by the agenda of the Spanish Congress of Deputies, today the reform of the abortion law of 2010 promoted by the government of Pedro Sánchez will be voted in that chamber (you can read here the dossier of that reform in the Congress website). The reform, promoted by the coalition government formed by the socialists of the PSOE and the communists of Podemos, is intended to further undermine the rights of unborn children, eliminating the period of reflection for mothers who want to get rid of their unborn children, exempting minors between the ages of 16 and 18 from parental permission to abort and creating a register of objectors that threatens to create blacklists with health professionals who they refuse to eliminate human lives in the womb.

This reform further aggravates the current abortion law, which allows unborn children to be killed up to the 14th week of life or up to the 22nd if they suffer from a disability. This norm clashes with Article 15 of the Constitution, which protects the right to life, and with judgment 53/1985 of the Constitutional Court, which stated: "if the Constitution protects life with the relevance previously mentioned mentioned, cannot leave its unprotected at that stage of its process that is not only a condition for the independent life of the maternal cloister, but is also a moment in the development of life itself; therefore, it must be concluded that the life of the unborn child, insofar as it embodies a fundamental value –human life– guaranteed in article 15 of the Constitution constitutes a legal right whose protection finds constitutional foundation in said precept."

A week ago a law was approved that protects all vertebrate animals

In addition to the above, it just so happens that just a week ago, Congress approved another government bill that protects all vertebrate animals, imposing prison sentences for all those who kill or even injure any animal, even if it is not domestic. This law has generated controversy because, according to its current wording, anyone could go to jail in Spain for killing or injuring a rat.

Fine for illegal abortion and prison for injuring a rat

That animal law (its parliamentary dossier can be seen here) imposes a prison sentence of three to eighteen months on anyone who injures to a vertebrate animal, without establishing any exception or specifying whether it is a calf or an animal in the prenatal period. Those who kill a vertebrate animal face a prison sentence of twelve to twenty-four months. The prison sentences contemplated by this reform are even more shocking if we take into account that the current abortion law modified Article 145 of the Criminal Code and established a simple fine for those mothers who abort "outside the cases permitted by law". In the case of people who cause an abortion to a woman with her consent, the punishment is imprisonment from one to three years.

The animal law considers the circumstances of legal abortions aggravating

Furthermore, it so happens that the aforementioned animal protection law contemplates that the penalties be imposed in the upper half when certain circumstances occur, such as profit, the use of poison or the use of instruments and objects dangerous to the life or health of the animal. These are the same circumstances that occur in the practice of abortions admitted by law.

So if a doctor uses forceps to kill a 12-week-old unborn baby, he or she does not face any criminal charges, but could be sentenced to up to two years in prison. years if you use that same tool to kill a rat. The penalty could be higher for killing that rat than the one that would be imposed on that doctor if he perpetrated an illegal abortion, if there were no aggravating circumstances in the latter. In Spain we have reached the legal and ethical nonsense of giving more protection to rats than to innocent and defenseless human beings. And there are still politicians who consider that it makes no sense to continue talking about abortion...


Photo: Efe.

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