They call a dictator in a one-party regime "president" and "elected"

The indecent whitewashing of a communist dictator in many western media

One of the most outrageous customs of many Western media is related to the treatment received by communist dictatorships.

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Take the example of the largest dictatorship in the world, the People's Republic of China. Yesterday, its official news agency Xinhua published this cynical headline and false: "Xi Jinping unanimously elected Chinese president".

The wording of the news item would cause laughter if we were not talking about a totalitarian regime: "A total of 2,952 deputies were present at the third plenary meeting of the first session of the 14th National People's Congress (NPC) on Friday morning, to exercise their constitutional right to elect China's state leadership. (...) The voting was anonymous. Thunderous applause broke out across the Great Hall of the People when the results of the elections were pronounced."

That an official agency of a dictatorship dedicates itself to laundering it in this way is something nauseating but that is within the foreseeable. Most astonishingly, many Western media have copied Xinhua's headline, saying that Xi Jinping has been unanimously "elected" as "president" of China.

Well no. Xi Jinping is not a president: he is a dictator. His regime is nothing like a democracy: it is a one-party dictatorship where all power is exercised the Party Communist of China, the world's largest criminal organization, which has ruled the People's Republic of China since 1949 without once having called free and democratic elections. A dictator cannot be "elected" where he opposes the government is punishable by prison. To choose something or someone you have to have two or more options. In China, the only option that exists is the one imposed by the Communist Party, with its back to the people.

Whitewashing the anti-democratic designation of a dictator, presenting it with words like those used in electoral processes in free and democratic countries, is a way of becoming an accomplice of that dictatorship. > And we are talking, in case anyone has forgotten, about a dictatorship that has killed millions of people, which still maintains today a network of concentration camps -the Laogai-, which it is among the countries that persecutes Christians the most (ranked number 16), and that is committing a genocide against the Uyghur people, with actions that include the internment of between one million and 1.8 million people in concentration camps.

What the media of free countries should do is report on the abuses and crimes of that dictatorship, instead of hiding them and presenting the dictator as a "president" who is "elected ". Enough of being accomplices of that criminal regime.


Photo: Ju Peng / Europa Press.

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