A business that costs human lives and has growing political influence

The multimillion business of surrogate pregnancy: is the abortion case repeated?

Surrogate pregnancy, also known as bellies for rent, is being promoted by influential pressure groups in several countries.

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We already saw here the ethical objections to surrogacy and its cost in human lives, since for every baby generated by that industry, at least 24 human embryos are killed. When analyzing the interests that move this industry, two things must be taken into account. On the one hand, it has the favor of very influential pressure groups, starting with the LGTB groups, which are interested in being able to get the children that same-sex couples are unable to have by natural means. These groups are in the minority but receive preferential attention from many politicians, either out of mere affinity or fear of being labeled "homophobic" if they do not agree to their demands.

On the other hand, there is a growing business around surrogate bellies. A business that is hardly known to most of society but already generates enough income to become an influential pressure group, not only financing campaigns for political parties, but also buying the favor of many media. A few weeks ago, the American television channel CNBC published the figures for that business and its estimates for the coming years:

The aforementioned channel highlighted the following: "The global commercial surrogacy industry was worth an estimated $14 billion in 2022, according to market research consultancy Global Market Insights — though exact numbers are hard to verify given the private nature of many arrangements." And it added: "By 2032, that figure is forecast to rise to $129 billion, as infertility issues increase and a growing number of same-sex couples and single people look for ways to have babies."

It is inevitable to observe the parallelism between the surrogacy industry and the abortion industry. In both cases, the business consists of sacrificing human lives, since although surrogates have the excuse of generating new lives, they mean ending many more human lives than are generated.

On the other hand, the abortion lobby already moves hundreds of millions of dollars in public aid in the US alone, which allows it to finance the campaigns of politicians most in line with its theses (in recent years it has successively supported pro-abortion candidates in that country such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden).

With its current volume of revenue, the surrogacy lobby is already as powerful as or more powerful than the abortion lobby, and that means that we are going to see this issue much more frequently in the media until each country, successively, submit its legislation to the wishes of that pressure group. It is the same thing that has already happened with abortion: public opinion is shaped by propaganda that is financed by companies with many resources, falsifying the facts and hiding from society the most controversial aspects of these issues.

This is how it is generated: an Overton window (I already told you about it here) based on money, a strategy in which those of us who oppose surrogacy are going to be singled out and slandered as already happened on the issue of abortion. Democracy recedes more and more with this perverse way of moving wills and demonizing discrepancy based on money, to favor attacks on human life with which some earn a lot of money. This makes our society increasingly manipulable and less and less free, no matter how much some try to disguise it to make it appear otherwise.


Photo: Malanie Grizzel.

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