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How to prevent your mobile phone from ringing when you are attending a public event

The rise of mobile telephony has brought many advances in terms of communication, but it has also spread some bad habits.

One of the most annoying customs related to cell phones is leaving them on and with the ringer active at a public event. You've seen this at masses, conferences, movies, funerals, and concerts. It's also an annoying practice when you're traveling on a bus, train, or plane. Constantly listening to other people's call notifications and messages can be very annoying. These practices are very common, in my experience, among older people, and not out of bad faith, but out of ignorance.

The youngest have grown up handling mobile phones, but many elderly people find it more difficult to get used to this technology. These lines are especially aimed at them, and not with the intention of offering exhaustive instructions about how all the existing types of mobiles work (this article would be too long), but to encourage reflection, first of all, about the use we give to the mobile.

When you are in a public event like the ones mentioned, with more people around you, it is not appropriate to start talking on the phone. So, it does not make sense that you have the call alerts activated. The same can be said of messages. Either you're at the cinema watching the movie, or you're writing messages. Both cannot be at the same time, unless you want to bother those around you. The mobile phone has become such a widespread device that it seems that we cannot disconnect it for a moment, but it is not like that: we can and should.

All mobiles offer the possibility of deactivating call and message alerts. Consult the instructions of your mobile to know how to do it, or ask someone how to do it. Mastering this simple feature is essential to manage a mobile phone. If you are not able to master it and you have to go to the movies, mass, a conference, a funeral or a play, then it is better that you leave the mobile phone at home or in your car (in the latter case, better hidden, so a thief won't see it and try to steal it).

There are also other options, such as using airplane mode (which deactivates your mobile communications, preventing calls and messages from coming in) or turning it off without further ado. The disadvantage of airplane mode is that if you have the ringtone turned on, any event you have in your calendar or notifications from another application can also sound. Again, if you don't know how to turn off your cell phone, it's better not to take it to a public event. And if it's essential for you to take it, ask someone you know how to turn it off.

I know that there are people who are embarrassed to ask such simple things, but we all had to learn them at some time and it's okay to ask someone . This is usually an easy way to resolve a question related to mobile phones. If, despite everything you have just read, you have taken your mobile to an event and it rings, try to end the call as soon as possible. And in no case do you start talking on the phone at an event like this. I have seen people who start talking on their cell phones at conferences, at the movies, and at mass, and it is tremendously annoying. It is a total lack of respect for others.


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