The two Luftwaffe planes flew over the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

The historic flight of two German Air Force Eurofighter aircraft over Israel

In the 20th century, Europe experienced some of the darkest episodes in history. One of the worst took place in Germany.

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The Holocaust, the planned extermination of millions of people -most of them Jews- by Nazi Germany, is a memory that the citizens of Israel still keep very much in mind, because among them are some survivors and many descendants of Holocaust victims. From that horror and the exodus of many survivors arose the State of Israel, which celebrated its 75th anniversary on April 26.

Precisely, that day took place a historic flight over that country, carried out by two Luftwaffe Eurofighter Typhoon fighters. It was not the first flight of the German Air Force over Israel, as on October 17, 2021 two Luftwaffe Eurofighters have already flown over Jerusalem along with an F-15 and an F-35 of the Israeli Air Force. This new flight confirms the friendship between two countries that have a common painful past. Recall that three years ago, Israeli F-16 fighters made the first visit of Israeli warplanes to Germany. Here we can see the video of this new and historic flight of April 26 published by the Bundeswehr:

You can see below some photos of this flight published by the Bundeswehr.

On their flight to Israel, the German fighters were refueled in flight by an Airbus A330-243MRTT of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, the T-055.

As we can see below these lines, one of the German fighters, the 31+14 (cn 164/AS007) wore a commemorative decoration that included the insignia of the Israeli Air Force on the starboard side of its fuselage. This fighter was accompanied by the 30+79 (cn GS059).

Below these lines we see the decoration of 31+14 in more detail (click on the image to see it enlarged). The fighter carries the Flag of Israel on its wing and on the port forward plane and the Flag of Germany on the wing and on the starboard forward plane. A spectacular decoration, indeed.

The flight of the German fighters over Tel Aviv. We see the 31+14 photographed from the 30+79. They were accompanied by an Israeli Air Force F-16I Sufa, the 827 (YD-59). German fighters also flew over Jerusalem.

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