The coalition of Podemos and Sumar reveals the confrontation between them

Agony and purge in the Spanish far-left: the ice axes have become boomerangs

All totalitarian movements have run the risk of ending up devouring themselves, driven by their fanaticism.

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The historical precedents of purges between totalitarians

Nazism experienced that moment with the so-called "Night of the Long Knives", from June 30 to July 1, 1934, when leaders of the Sturmabteilung, the Nazi Party militia, were assassinated by Hitler. That nazi purge was anecdotal compared to the great purge ordered by Stalin in the USSR between 1936 and 1938, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths, including many communists. The purge culminated in the execution of one of its promoters, Nikolai Yezhov, then head of the NKVD, the Soviet equivalent of the nazi Gestapo.

The assassination of Trotsky by sticking an ice ax into his head

The Soviet dictatorship continued to liquidate dissidents in the years following the culmination of that great purge. One of those assassinated was Leon Trotsky, who had supported the brutal regime of terror imposed by Lenin, but who ended up going into exile because of his differences with Stalin. The NKVD ended up infiltrating his exile environment in Mexico and one of its agents, the Spanish communist Ramón Mercader, brutally plunged an ice ax into his head on August 20, 1940. Trotsky died the day after follow you as a consequence of that serious injury.

The savage method of Trotsky's assassination so far from the USSR was like a message to all dissident communists, telling them what Stalin was capable of. In this way, the ice ax became a symbol of the extremes to which internal struggles between communists can go. When it is said that an extreme left party "ice axes fly", what is being indicated is a purge of dissidents.

We can and the purges within that communist party

The most recent success story for the extreme left in Spain, the Podemos party, was founded by communists nostalgic for Lenin, including Pablo Iglesias Turrión and Juan Carlos Monedero. The creation of this party was the result of a movement of extreme left agitation, the 15-M, which emerged in 2011 and was fueled by the discontent caused by the measures taken by the socialist government of Zapatero as a result of of the 2007 crisis.

In 2014, Podemos broke into the institutions, starting with the European Parliament. Finally, in January 2020, Podemos formed a coalition government with the socialists of Pedro Sánchez (PSOE) and the communists of Izquierda Unida, the electoral brand created by the Communist Party of Spain (PCE) in 1986. Together with some leaders of Podemos, two leaders of the PCE, Alberto Garzón and Yolanda Díaz, then became ministers. Spain thus became the only country in the European Union with ministers of a totalitarian movement.

The coalition government formed by the left in Spain resulted in considerable numbers of unemployment, impoverishment, institutional crisis and attacks on judicial independence and the rule of law. Even before his arrival in government, Podemos was suffering the internal struggles typical of extreme left groups. Two members of Podemos who ended up forming part of the government of Pedro Sánchez, Pablo Iglesias and his couple, Irene Montero, ended up purging all those who opposed them.

A humiliating coalition that shows the confrontation between communists

Finally, Podemos has been reaping successive electoral defeats, which ended in the resignation of Pablo Iglesias as president of the government. In turn, Yolanda Díaz formed a new party, Sumar, basically another new electoral brand of the PCE, which yesterday it ended up devouring Podemos in a humiliating coalition pact ahead of the general elections on July 23, leaving Irene Montero off the electoral lists, vetoed by Yolanda Díaz.

With this pact, Podemos and Sumar try to stop the effects that the division of the vote of the extreme left could have. However, the communists have a very difficult time obtaining a decent result after their way of governing has been exposed, basically a succession of absurd ideological occurrences, with a constant refusal to admit their mistakes and take any responsibility for them , and with an attitude of arrogance that portrays them as the "caste" that they themselves criticized nine years ago. All this together with the fact that the standard of living of those communist leaders has increased to the same extent that their economic recipes were dedicated to ruining the Spanish.

Yolanda Díaz's responsibility in reducing sentences for rapists

The agony of the extreme left in Spain has a high degree of poetic justice. Those who mercilessly purged their dissidents in recent years now find themselves purged. Those who order the purge are no better than they are. They are more of the same. Yolanda Díaz is as responsible as Irene Montero for reductions in sentences for rapists and pedophiles, as a consequence of a law that received the votes in favor of the 120 deputies of the PSOE and the 33 deputies of Unidas Podemos (the coalition of Podemos and Izquierda Unida), including Yolanda Díaz (you can see the two ier parliamentary of that law here and here what each deputy voted for: Yolanda Díaz voted in favor).

In the end, the ice axes that liquidated the dissidence in Podemos have become boomerangs, turning against those who launched them in a way that can only be described as unexpected if one is unaware of the usual dynamics of extreme left movements. It won't take long for these ice axes to turn against those who today, from Sumar, purge their rivals from Podemos. One of the most common favors that many totalitarians do to the cause of Freedom is to end up fighting among themselves. they. Hopefully on July 23 we can celebrate in Spain the defeat of those enemies of Liberty.


Photo: Europa Press. The communist Yolanda Díaz (leader of Sumar) with the communist Irene Montero (leader of Podemos). Both are members of the government of Pedro Sánchez.

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