"Machismo is not solved with jail," a deputy from the Podemos party says

They knew what they were doing: the far-left justifies the reduction of sentences for rapists

Parallel to the scandal over the reduction of sentences for rapists and pederasts in Spain, a debate has arisen about their intentionality.

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Two explanations for the reduction of sentences for rapists

Some people have been supporting the thesis that this reduction in sentences was a blunder by the government, and specifically by the far-left party Podemos, which in its perpetual adanism wanted to invent the wheel in relation to the fight against violations, achieving an effect contrary to that sought. This thesis abounds in the idea that we have a government with ministers who don't know what they're doing, who pass laws without taking the slightest care.

On the other hand, there is the thesis that this reduction was intentional and with a certain ideological charge, and not a blunder. According to this thesis, what the coalition government made up of socialists and communists has done would not be the result of a clumsy way of governing, but a perverse attempt to adjust the laws to aberrant ideological dogmas, hiding to the Spaniards the true motivations of these changes. Thus, this thesis would point out that it is not that we have a government formed by fools, but by bad people.

They are not stupid, but bad people

It must be said that most of the political opposition has embraced the first thesis, largely due to a certain tendency of the right to underestimate the intentions of the left. We tend to believe that the left does certain things out of stupidity, when in reality it does them out of malice. It is enough to review examples such as abortion to realize that those who promote laws like this, resorting to the most uncouth propaganda and clumsy lies, they are not stupid, but bad people, which is much worse. Being idiots is something I would excuse them, because a low intellectual capacity is something you are born with, while evil is something that is chosen.

The effects of denying free will as marxism does

The extreme left, daughter of Marxist materialism, upholds the theory that human beings lack free will, that our choices are not free and are conditioned by a multitude of factors, and that what we interpret as Free decisions are nothing more than an illusion that is actually motivated by chemical processes and various cultural influences. On the contrary, Western civilization was founded on the Christian premise that each person can choose between good and evil, that we are responsible for our decisions and must answer for our actions.

These two opposing visions have consequences in the criminal sphere. If we are not free, as marxism maintains, then we are not really responsible for our actions either and these, consequently, should not be punished with prison sentences. For the extreme left, the ultimate culprit for any crime is always society, for having forged us into cultural patterns that Marxism considers alienating and oppressive.If we take that crazy way of thinking to its ultimately, prisons have no reason to exist in their sense of punishment for committing criminal acts, and would only be justifiable as a process of resetting a broken machine.

The background of the current reduction in sentences for rapists

The problem with not understanding the ideological background of the left is that you end up losing the notion of what it really wants. As I pointed out last year, in 1995 the socialists of the PSOE already lowered the sentences for rapists and pedophiles and openly justified it. That reduction was already supported by the extreme left (Izquierda Unida), currently allied with Podemos. Let us also remember that the communist Simone de Beauvoir, one of Podemos's ideological referents, signed two texts defending legalizing pedophilic relationships, following the arrest of three men in October 1973 for having had sexual relations with boys and girls aged 13 and 14.

The far-left justifies this reduction in sentences by pointing to capitalism

In recent days, given the possibility that the law that reduced the sentences for rapists will be reformed, clear justifications for this reduction in sentences have begun to emerge from the extreme left. Let us remember that already in November, the socialist newspaper El País, increasingly leaning towards the far-left, rejected criticism of that law, calling it "punitive populism". One of the people the newspaper consulted to support his thesis justified it with an anti-capitalist harangue: "Punitive populism is a banner of neoliberal capitalism. It has to do with the obsession with security and try to solve social problems by increasing the penalties". Another of the people consulted, also from the left, stated: "we must overcome an eye for an eye by talking about penalties". In other words, from the left, criminal justice is presented as a form of revenge, a discourse that we have already seen many times from the left when talking about the prisoners of the terrorist group ETA.

On January 22, in an interview in the newspaper La Opinión of A Coruña, one of the drafters of the law acknowledged that they knew that some sentences would be lowered and embraced the same leftist argument published by El País: "We knew that some penalties would go down with the 'only yes is yes' law, but punishing more does not better protect the victim". This much-repeated argument never explains whether victims are better defended by lowering the criminal punishment for rapists and pedophiles and thus allowing them to be released sooner.

This week, one of the media gurus of the Spanish far-left, Ignacio Escolar, joined the campaign to justify the reduction of sentences: "there is an erroneous premise that should be ruled out: that a penal reform is only better if it guarantees longer sentences sentences to prison. In Spain what is called 'punitive populism' enjoys exceptional health". And what nickname do we give to the ideological thesis that leads to lower sentences for rapists and pedophiles, as if that would benefit the victims? Escolar affirmed that "our Penal Code is exceptionally harsh." After describing this "punitive populism" as a "problem", he added: "very few people are willing to accept penal reductions for criminals as hated as pedophiles or rapists, even if it means going from ten to nine years. And there are even fewer politicians willing to appear as defense lawyers for criminals like this." And what justifies these reductions, do they protect the victims better? Escolar doesn't explain it.

A deputy from Podemos reveals the ideological cause of this reduction in sentences

To complete the panorama, this Friday Podemos deputy Jaume Asens repeated those same slogans: "We have entered a populism where it is acceptable to increase sentences, but never lower them", and he added: "Machismo cannot be solved by jail, women are not protected for having a Penal Code more severe".

And so we finally come to the essence of reduced sentences. For the extreme left, what must be fought is not rape, but "machismo", that widespread enemy that they blame for the ills of our society (along with capitalism and Christianity, of course). As I pointed out above, for the far-left we are not free because we are culturally conditioned, so a rapist cannot be held responsible for his acts, since they consider him a simple result of a "macho" educational system, whom they consider linked to evil capitalism and our Christian roots. In the utopian thought of the left, violations will disappear when machismo, capitalism and Christianity disappear.

It was not an oversight: it was the application of the ideological humbugs of the far-left

Of course, this is an absolutely unrealistic idea, just like the idea of the old marxists that in communist society there would be no crime, since everyone would be equal and no one would be envious of anyone. Thus, the anguish that many victims have been enduring for months in Spain, as a consequence of this law and its reduced sentences for rapists, is not the result of a mistake, but rather of some crazy ideological theses that deny free will and that we are responsible for our actions. Theses emerged from marxism and support the absurd idea that evil will disappear with the installation of a new political and ideological system. Some humbugs that the communists have been defending for more than a hundred years and that now have already served to favor 400 sexual offenders in Spain. That is what is behind that nefarious law. Hopefully everything was a case of simple stupidity, because to solve it it would be enough to dismiss a minister.

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