A live fire exercise carried out at the Camp Ādaži military base

The images of a Spanish company of mechanized infantry in action in Latvia

The Brigade "Guadarrama" XII continues its activity in Latvia, as part of its deployment in NATO's eFP Battle Group Latvia.

The impressive military ceremony in Latvia in which the Spanish contingent has participated
The Spanish Army achieves the first two places in a NATO sniper contest

On August 4, at the Latvian base of Camp Ādaži, the Mechanized Infantry Company "Pelayo" carried out a live fire exercise, which was published today on the Facebook page of the eFP Battle Group Latvia. You can see those images here.

An ASCOD Pizarro infantry fighting vehicle of the Spanish Army rapidly advancing through the Camp Ādaži maneuver area.

A Spanish Army VAMTAC ST-5 Uro equipped with a Spike LR anti-tank missile launcher. The vehicle is masked with camouflage nets to blend in with the wooded environment of this field of maneuvers.

The moment of firing the Spike LR missile. On the right we can see the missile already in flight with its wings extended.

The descent of Spanish soldiers from the tailgate of an ASCOD Pizarro. The soldier on the left carries a Heckler & Koch MG-4E 5.56mm light machine gun. The one coming out the gate is carrying a Heckler & Koch G-36E assault rifle.

Another image of the deployment of the squad of Spanish soldiers after descending from the ASCOD Pizarro. In addition to the two soldiers in the photo above, we see on the left one armed with a G-36E equipped with an AG-36 40mm grenade launcher. One of the soldiers carries an Instalaza C90 90mm rocket launcher.

Spanish soldiers in prone position in front of the ASCOD Pizarro. On the left we see the grenadier equipped with the G-36E rifle with AG-36 grenade launcher. In the center is the operator of the MG-4E machine gun. On the right is a rifleman with a G-36E.

Spanish soldiers behind the ASCOD Pizarro. We see one of them with a 5.56 mm caliber ammunition belt, probably for the MG-4E machine gun.

A Spanish rifleman, center, along with two select marksmen. The marksman on the left carries an Accuracy AW308 sniper rifle. On the right we see the spotter of the select marksmen duo, who is armed with a G-36E equipped with a telescopic sight.

Two Spanish observers during the exercise at the Latvian military base.

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