On the complementarity of right-wing liberals, conservatives and patriots

A sensible reflection on the right-wing written by Francisco José Contreras

Francisco José Contreras, Professor of Philosophy of Law, is one of the leading authors of conservative liberalism in Spanish.

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Between May 21, 2019 and the last general elections, Contreras was a Vox party deputy and one of the best speakers in the Spanish Parliament, with truly memorable speeches. Unfortunately, in the general elections on July 23, he was not elected in his Seville constituency (he was number two on the Vox list). Nevertheless, we continue to count on their valuable intellectual contributions, for example in the recent book "Reflexiones sobre una nueva derecha" (Reflexions on a new right), signed by him together with Vanessa Vallejo, Agustín Laje and Renato Cristin, with a preface by Iván Espinosa de los Monteros.

This Monday, Contreras published an extract from his part of that essay book, a writing that is full of good sense and that is related to a subject I spoke to you about here a few days ago, although Contreras expresses it much better than me, as always. After advocating for a new right that breaks with the technocratic spirit, which led it to surrender to the cultural hegemony of the left, the Professor points out:

"The new right can be based on the complementarity between “right-wing liberals”, conservatives and patriots.

Right-wing liberals contribute the inalienability of the legal-political legacy of classical liberalism: Rule of Law, separation of powers, peaceful renewability of rulers, equality before the law, classic freedoms (of religion, expression, association, etc.; not, obviously, the "new rights" to abortion or "sex change") and the superiority of capitalism over alternative economic models.

Conservatives respect life, human nature (against the transhumanist temptation: artificial reproduction, "human enhancement", genetic engineering...) and the family father-mother-children as an irreplaceable social cell (against the disappearance of marriage, "surrogacy", artificial insemination of women without a male partner, etc.); also the vindication of the western past -Greco-Roman and Christian- in the face of its woke denigration.

The patriots defend the nation-state as the most suitable political form for democracy and for liberal-conservative praxis, in the face of the “globalist” trend (replacement of state power by that of supra-state entities such as the UN or the European Union) of the neo-Marxist left; this includes the right of each state to regulate and select immigration, in the face of the immigrationist imperative of the left and its silly idealization of multiculturalism."

A reflection that I fully share, bearing in mind, as I pointed out the other day, that these three sensitivities of the new right are not hermetic: many people who identify with one or the other at the same time share concerns and approaches of the other two, which further facilitates understanding between each of them.


Photo: Vox Congreso.

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