There were also soldiers from communist China, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua

Shame: López Obrador invited soldiers of Russia and other dictatorships to a parade in Mexico

This Saturday, in the capital of Mexico, a parade was held to celebrate the anniversary of the beginning of its separation from Spain in 1810.

The peculiar parade of Russian tanks in Kiev for the Independence Day of Ukraine
The images of the Russian terrorist attack against a commercial area in Kostyantynivka

The parade was largely reminiscent of the military parades that have traditionally been seen in Moscow's Red Square, due to the presence of certain military delegations. And it is that the communist president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has feigned false neutrality in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and has rejected military aid to the Ukrainian people to defend themselves from the invaders, invited a Russian military delegation to participate in yesterday's parade, something that has been criticized by the Mexican opposition and Ukraine.

"He has already made it clear that his friends are the dictators, not the democrats", said Xóchitl Gálvez, presidential candidate of the opposition coalition Frente Amplio por México, who criticized the presence of "soldiers of authoritarian governments" and declared: "I dream that in the 2025 independence parade there will be a contingent from Ukraine and not one from Russia or Nicaragua. Foreign contingents must be worthy company of our armed forces." These criticisms are full of reason. Enter the 19 countries invited to participate in the parade, and in addition to the aforementioned Russian delegation, López Obrador included other dictatorships such as communist China, Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

You can see here some screenshots from the official video of the parade. Above these lines we can see the Russian delegation, made up of soldiers from the Preobrazhenski Regiment. It is a shame to see these soldiers parading through Mexico City while their army illegally occupies Ukraine and tortures and murders Ukrainian civilians, including children. That Mexico celebrates its separation from Spain in this way is, of course, a very significant image.

Here we see the Cuban delegation, representing a dictatorship that has been plunging the Cuban people into misery and oppression for 64 years.

The delegation of communist China. Observe the paradox: López Obrador invites to the military parade of Mexico's independence two countries, Russia and communist China, that are threatening sovereignty and independence from neighboring countriesUkraine and free China (Taiwan), respectively. Wow consistency.

Here we see the Nicaraguan delegation, representing the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega, which is carrying out a harsh offensive against Christians in his country. Could that be why López Obrador invited them? Almost no images of the Venezuelan delegation were seen in the parade, its performance did not show its passage before the authorities' tribune.

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