The pro-gov media equates Spain with countries without a common language

The left intends to degrade Spanish as a common language and El País confirms it

A month ago I warned here that the introduction of regional languages in Congress had a more serious aspect than an economic waste.

The leftist kick against the Spanish, the great gesture of Vox and the incoherence of the PP
The purpose of devaluing Spanish in the Congress is much worse than a waste

Separatism uses languages as an element of division

I then pointed out that the existence of a common language that all Spaniards know is the worst nightmare of separatism, because they base a large part of their political agenda on the use of regional languages as an instrument to separate, to divide and to confront the Spanish. Their separatist agenda seeks a linguistic isolationism that is impossible if there is a common language. This is something that should be very clear to anyone who lives in a region with separatist movements, as is the case in my homeland, Galicia.

In case there were any doubts about this claim, yesterday the separatists celebrated the emergence of regional languages ​​in Congress claiming that this shows that they are a "nation". For them, the concept of nation is closely linked to a single language, and degrading Spanish as a common language is a victory for the separatists.

El País equates Spain with countries without a common language

Those who consider these analyzes exaggerated just have to read the editorial published today by the pro-government newspaper El País, which has been playing the role of unofficial spokesperson for the PSOE for decades. The socialist newspaper defends the introduction of regional languages in Congress with this crazy argument: "Spain is thus equal to federal democracies with deep-rooted institutional multilingualism such as Belgium, Canada and the Swiss Confederation."

The examples chosen by El País are very misleading: the socialist newspaper has chosen the only three democratic countries that do not have a common language. I could have chosen other examples of democratic countries with several languages but that do have a common language, such as France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, the United States, Germany, Sweden and Greece. El País has not even mentioned Ireland or Finland, countries with two national languages (English and Irish Gaelic, in the first case, and Finnish and Swedish, in the second), but whose languages of use common for practical purposes are English and Finnish, respectively.

They want to turn Spain into something it has never been to divide it

It is worth noting one detail: Spain is not Canada, Switzerland or Belgium. Spain has had a common language for hundreds of years and those countries have never had one. The separatists and their allies on the left want to turn Spain into something it has never been, only to complete their plans for division and bankruptcy of coexistence between Spaniards. Because this attack on the Spanish does not seek to improve coexistence: that has never been the purpose of separatism. The separatists seek precisely the opposite: to break our ties as a Nation.

The socialist newspaper accuses the opposition of what the separatists do

For this reason, the most ridiculous thing is what comes next in the El País editorial: "Far from meaning an attack against equality among Spaniards and a factor of division and discord, as Those who have opposed the bill that is definitively approved this Thursday claim, it is a uniting factor between citizens and an advance in the equality of their rights as speakers."

Those who seek to use languages as a factor of division and discord are precisely the separatists, who are the ones who have demanded this change. The left has bowed to this blackmail not to improve our coexistence, but to ensure the support of the separatists. This measure only has that purpose. If the left cared about linguistic rights, it would not support, as it does, the exclusion of Spanish in schools in Catalonia and linguistic fines for Catalan merchants who label in Spanish.

El País distorts what the Constitution says about languages

Finally, El País justifies the controversial measure by invoking Article 3.3 of the Constitution:"the richness of the different linguistic modalities of Spain is a cultural heritage that will be the object of special respect and protection"< /em>. But it simply ignores what 3.2 says: "The other Spanish languages will also be official in the respective Autonomous Communities in accordance with their Statutes". And above all, ignore what 3.1 says:

"Castilian is the official Spanish language of the State. All Spaniards have the duty to know it and the right to use it."

Thus, this attempt to degrade Spanish is an attack against the Constitution. The separatists and their partners on the left know that they do not have the parliamentary strength necessary to modify our fundamental law and what they have done is distort it. This shows how far the left is capable of going to stay in power: they are falsifying our constitutional legality, which is a serious attack on our democracy. And all this, I repeat, so that Pedro Sánchez can continue in power for a while longer.


Photo: Europa Press.

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