Left wing and separatism join forces to destroy Spanish as a common language

The leftist kick against the Spanish, the great gesture of Vox and the incoherence of the PP

Today the Spanish left has given in to the blackmail of the separatists in a surreal session in the Congress of Deputies.

The purpose of devaluing Spanish in the Congress is much worse than a waste
No cession will satisfy Catalan separatism: this is what would come next

Kick from the left to Spanish as the common language of Spain

This transfer has consisted of the introduction of regional languages into the activity of Congress. A use that was already allowed before the regulation was urgently modified (they are in a hurry for this, after the left blocked the ALS Law 49 times, which had been approved by unanimity and ended up declining with the call for elections by Pedro Sánchez).

What happened today is a kick from the left to Spanish as the common language of Spain, a nonsense that the separatists have celebrated by proclaiming that their regions are a "nation", which was precisely what they sought with this measure: suppress Spanish as the national language of Spain and as an element of encounter and understanding between Spaniards. All this while the same separatists who demanded this measure discriminate against Spanish in the schools of Catalonia and treat Spanish speakers as second-class citizens, despite being the majority in that region.

Vox leaves the chamber due to non-compliance with the regulations

Given this non-compliance with the regulations, the 33 Vox deputies have stood up and left the chamber, depositing the translation devices (distributed in Congress this morning, before the regulations were even modified) in the seat of Pedro Sánchez, who did not attend this plenary session as he was wasting the money of the Spanish at the UN headquarters in New York.

The march of the Vox deputies has left one of the images of the day: the translation devices deposited in Sánchez's empty seat, an excellent photo by @willy_sanchezz:

What Vox has done is a great gesture, which symbolizes the rejection that many Spaniards feel in the face of this surrender of the left to separatism, a surrender that contributes to the policy of degradation of Spanish by part of separatism. A policy that the separatists already started in their respective regions with the help of the left (and also the Popular Party, in the case of Galicia) and that they now continue in Congress.

Vox will ask to repeal the use of regional languages in the Senate

After leaving the chamber, Santiago Abascal declared: "We are here in this congress to represent the Spanish people and in no way to participate in the masquerade that we have experienced today. We have had to hear that This was the temple of the word at the same time that languages were used not to communicate, but to not understand each other and to generate division." The president of Vox added:

"I can announce to you that we are going to study the pertinent actions necessary in the face of the flagrant breach of legality by the Chamber Board, which has also compromised the use of public money, and I can also announce to you that today we are going to present an initiative in the Senate to end the translations in that chamber."

Let us remember that the PP has an absolute majority in the Senate and there it can repeal the same linguistic nonsense that it voted against today in Congress. Here you can listen to Abascal's full statement (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):

The incoherence of the PP: it uses Basque to reject regional languages in Congress

Since we are talking about the Popular Party, special mention deserves the ridiculous incoherence exhibited today by the PP deputy Borja Sémper, who began to speak in Basque, also breaking the rules, in a speech in which precisely asked to reject the use of regional languages in Congress. A gesture of incoherence and a breach of the regulations in response to which the Vox deputies have once again left the chamber, a gesture that the PP deputy has criticized:

This is what the Popular Party is for: to say one thing and do the opposite. They no longer even wait for a few years to pass to end up assuming the dogmas of the left. Now they assume them in the same intervention in which they say they reject them.

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