A waste of public money that openly violates the Spanish Law 50/1997

Sánchez breaks the law and offers 140 million euros to the UN despite he is interim president

The government of Pedro Sánchez continues to act as if current legislation did not set limits on its whims and desires.

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He travels to the US with a huge entourage and offers 140 million to the UN

The latest episode of this autocratic trend was known yesterday. In a speech at the UN headquarters in New York, where he has traveled with an entourage of 107 people (76 more than on his trip to the US in 2021, when he went with 31 companions), Pedro Sánchez committed 120 million euros for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as 2030 Agenda, in addition to offering Spain as the venue for the financing summit for these goals, which will be held in 2025. In addition, he has promised 20 million more euros for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

Thus, Sánchez commits to allocating 140 million euros paid by all Spaniards to the UN, making Spain one of the main donors (despite not exactly being one of the richest countries) , while his government is interim and after having lost the last general elections. The commitment made by Sánchez would involve Spain for several years.

A measure that violates the Government Law 50/1997

With this announcement, Sánchez openly ignores the Government Law 50/1997, specifically its Article 21.3, which states the following about the powers of interim governments:

"The interim Government will facilitate the normal development of the formation process of the new Government and the transfer of powers to it and will limit its management to the ordinary management of public affairs, refraining from adopting, except in duly accredited cases of urgency or for reasons of general interest whose express accreditation justifies it, any other measures."

Forcing the Spaniards to pay 140 million euros to the UN completely exceeds the ordinary office of public affairs, and it is certainly not an urgent matter nor one that is of general interest, since it is a political agenda with very controversial ideological aspects.

A way of governing typical of an autocrat

This new violation of legality by the Pedro Sánchez government adds to his intention to approve an amnesty law, an unconstitutional measure whose sole purpose is to obtain the support of Catalan separatism, which has set demands openly contrary to constitutional legality and the rule of law to facilitate the re-election of Sánchez as president of the government.

The Royal Spanish Academy defines "autocracy" as follows: "Form of government in which the will of a single person is the supreme law." Judging by the steps that the socialist leader is taking, it seems that Pedro Sánchez is determined to degrade our democracy to turn it into an autocracy, in which his personal wishes are the supreme law, with no limits other than his desires and his will. It is not something new in a socialist politician (just look at what happened in Venezuela and other countries), and as in previous cases, we are facing a serious threat to our democracy and our freedoms.


Photo: @sanchezcastejon. Pedro Sánchez, acting president of the government of Spain, with the socialist António Guterres, secretary general of the UN, this Monday, September 18 in New York.

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