They intend to convert Spanish into a foreign language in part of Spain

The purpose of devaluing Spanish in the Congress is much worse than a waste

Yesterday, the new president of the Congress of Deputies, the socialist Francina Armengol, began her mandate with a crazy announcement.

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Regional languages in Congress while Spanish is marginalized in some regions

Armengol communicated to the camera that from that same day regional languages such as Catalan, Galician and Basque may be used in the Congress. She did it by cynically invoking "plurality and diversity" in Spain, when in reality that decision responds to a demand by the Junts separatists, the party of the fugitive Puigdemont, to support Armengol as president.

Let us remember that Junts is a party that supports linguistic Apartheid against Spanish in Catalonia, excluding our common language from schools, spying on the language that children speak in their free time in the playgrounds and imposing linguistic fines on merchants who sign their stores in Spanish. Let's say things by their name: the policy of Pedro Sánchez's separatist associates against Spanish is pure and simple linguistic fascism, which seeks to eradicate our common language from part of Spain in order to promote separatism. Catalan separatists have spent decades violating individual rights for the sake of this anti-democratic agenda.

The waste of translators that taxpayers will have to pay for

The tendency to reduce any debate on any subject to a merely economic question has led some analysts to wonder about the cost of having to use simultaneous translation in a Congress in which everyone speaks the same language: Spanish. We can get an idea of the amount by looking at what that same nonsense has cost in the Upper House: two years ago the Senate it already spent almost a million euros on these translations, an absurd waste that is imposed on the already long-suffering taxpayers. We are fleeced with the excuse that our money goes to healthcare and education, but then they waste it on stupid things like this.

They intend to convert Spanish into a foreign language in part of Spain

However, behind this nonsense there is something much worse than waste in translations. The separatists care little about linguistic plurality, as they have shown so many times in their respective regions. What they want is for Spanish to be perceived as a foreign language in a part of Spain, and that is what a large part of their political action has obsessively directed to for many years. The existence of a common language that all Spaniards know and that is used to understand each other is the worst nightmare of separatism, because they base a large part of their political agenda on the use of regional languages as an instrument to separate, to divide and to confront the Spanish.

What separatism seeks is the linguistic isolationism of its regions, expelling Spanish from society and treating its speakers as settlers in their own homeland, a totalitarian delusion that collides with reality: in Catalonia and in the Basque provinces, most of the population has Spanish as their mother tongue and habitual use. Galicia is the only Spanish region where the percentages of both linguistic communities are more equal.

Spanish communicates with 591 million speakers

In all the bilingual regions, Spanish retains formidable health despite the policies to marginalize it (in Galicia the Popular Party has been the main person responsible for this nonsense). The good health of our common language is due in large measure to economic globalization: in a world where trade, the labor market and travel encounter fewer and fewer national barriers, mastering one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, such as Spanish, is a considerable advantage. Spanish opens many opportunities for those who speak it and is a means of communication with a large community of 591 million speakers.

Pedro Sánchez imposes his personal interest on the national interest

Today, taking into account the hegemonic position of English in the world, the Spanish government should be the most interested in promoting the Spanish language, because it is a very important cultural asset and also because our country is the birthplace of this language. However, Pedro Sánchez has preferred to impose his personal interest over the national interest, turning Congress into a Tower of Babel, which is the old dream of his separatist partners to convey their absurd idea that Spanish is a foreign language in a part of Spain. Sánchez thinks more of himself than of promoting, giving prestige and valuing our common language. But to be fair, it must be said that it is not only his fault: the socialist and far-left deputies who are accompanying him in this This is nonsense, and their respective voters are just as guilty as he was for supporting him to continue degrading Spain with the sole purpose of staying in power at any price.


Photo: Congreso de los Diputados.

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