They selected the Christian neighbors of a village and shot them down

Media silence on a massacre of Christians at the hands of Islamists in Mozambique

Massacres of Christians at the hands of Islamist terrorists are becoming commonplace in some African countries.

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They arrived at the village, separated the Christians and shot them

This Thursday, the Catholic organization Aid to the Church in Need reported on a new massacre of Christians in Mozambique, a former Portuguese colony in southeastern Africa. It happened on September 15 in Naquitengue, a village in the northern province of Cabo Delgado. Islamic State terrorists arrived at the village and summoned the entire population and "then proceeded to pick out the Christians before shooting them," says the Catholic organization.

Aid to the Church in Need quotes statements by the missionary Friar Boaventura, of the Institute of the Fraternity of the Poor of Jesus: "They opened fire on the Christians, riddling them with bullets." Catholic missionary pointed out that this is not the first time that the jihadists of Cabo Delgado isolate Christians before killing them: "When these things happen, the population gets very scared." Fray Boaventura also stated that the September 15 attack occurred when "many people were beginning to return to their communities," which has caused an increase in "tension and insecurity."

The terrorist group says it murdered eleven people

The terrorist group responsible for this massacre released a statement stating eleven Christians were murdered in this attack, but the information published by the Catholic organization indicates: "The actual number of victims may be higher and others are understood to have been seriously wounded." Aid to the Church in Need also notes that "has also received records of burned homes and other destroyed property."

Jihadist terrorism has already killed 5,000 people in northern Mozambique

Islamist terrorists have been operating in that area since 2017, and according to Bishop António Juliasse of Pemba, in the jihadist attacks in Cabo Delgado and the neighboring province of Niassa 5,000 people have been murdered, in addition to causing the internal displacement of around a million people. Aid to the Church in Need is supporting 26 projects in Mozambique, including support for people displaced by violence in Cabo Delgado.

Media silence in the West, once again

As has already happened with massacres of Christians in Africa, this new anti-Christian attack by jihadists has found a surprising media silence in the West. Apart from a few religious media outlets, the news has appeared in very few places. On September 18, the Spanish agency Europa Press reported on what happened, but without specifying that those murdered were Christians and that they had been selected by the jihadists (Aid to the Church in Need has not yet had published his information). Among the Portuguese-language media, the news has had somewhat more dissemination.


Photo: Aid to the Church in Need.

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