A force whose category, history and personnel are a source of pride for Spain

'We are the Navy': an excellent video that shows the Spanish naval force

Spain has one of the oldest navies in the world (the second after Portugal), with a history full of great feats.

Impressive Spanish naval review 500 years after the first circumnavigation of the world
Spanish Marine Infantry: the units that make it up and their material resources

The Spanish Navy is perhaps the best equipped branch of the Spanish Armed Forces compared to other countries, with means capable of projecting its force very far from the Spanish coasts, where the interests of Spain require it. they need. Only a few countries have a naval force of this category, also equipped with an aircraft carrier. Thus, the Navy is a reason for Spain to be proud and hold its head high, and this is shown to us by this excellent video published by the Navy last Friday:

Sometimes I miss that Spain has the excellent quality of multimedia content that is seen in the armed forces of other countries. With this video, the Navy Communication Office has achieved it. Congratulations, both to those responsible for that Office and to all the men and women who make up the Navy. You are the best we have. You can see some screenshots of the video here as a sample. A great video.

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