Praise to the Patrulla Águila from one of the largest airshows in the world

The Spanish aerobatic exhibition that has been highlighted by the British RIAT airshow

The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT), held annually at RAF Fairford, is one of the largest air festivals in the world.

The Patrulla Águila at RIAT 2023, drawing the Spanish flag on British soil
The applauded exhibition of a Harrier II of the Spanish Navy in the United Kingdom

Year after year, this British festival brings together the best of world military aviation. This year's edition, held in July, featured the participation of five military acrobatic teams, including the Patrulla Águila of the Spanish Air Force. As you will remember, on July 17 you could see that exhibition here, in an excellent video recorded by the Japanese youtuber Tonkatsu298.

On July 16, the Patrulla Águila published the photos that you can see in this entry, taken by Chen Peng, an excellent Chinese photographer based in Spain who is famous for taking some of the best and most surprising photos of the Spanish aerobatic team. The Eagle Patrol made two exhibitions at RIAT 2023 and must have left a good memory on British soil.

Today the RIAT YouTube channel has published a video highlighting one of the Patrulla Águila exhibitions at RAF Fairford this summer. The RIAT has only published three videos showing this year's exhibitions, and the one of the Patrulla Águila is the only video showing the participation of an acrobatic team (the other two have been dedicated to fighters, specifically a Danish F-16 and a Swedish Saab Gripen). Here you can see the video, in which you hear great praise for the Spanish acrobatic team:

In Spain we know well the ability of the Patrulla Águila and it is an honor and a pride to see this type of recognition coming from beyond our borders. Congratulations to all the pilots and patrol personnel.

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