Anti-Semitism unites, once again, totalitarians of both signs

Terrorist attack on Israel: once again, the communists and the nazis united in infamy

The State of Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East, is suffering today from a serious full-scale terrorist attack by Hamas.

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40 dead, more than 700 injured and 52 kidnapped by Hamas

The attack coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, initiated by Arab countries with a surprise attack against Israel on several fronts. An attack that ended in a new Arab defeat, despite the numerical superiority of the aggressors. It is clear that Palestinian terrorism in general, and the Islamist terrorist group Hamas in particular, have not learned anything from history: they continue to be determined to lead the Palestinian people into disgrace, preventing peaceful coexistence in that region.

The aggression of the Hamas terrorists has consisted of the launching of thousands of rockets against the civilian population of Israel, which At this time they have already caused at least 40 deaths and more than 700 injuries. [Updated 0:18h: There are already 250 dead and 1,450 injured] Also, 52 Israeli citizens have been kidnapped by Hamas and taken to the Gaza Strip. Among those kidnapped there are children and elderly people. This is another example of the kind of scum that exists in the ranks of the so-called Palestinian state. Once again, supporting Israel is supporting civilization in the face of barbarism.

The PP and Vox express their support for Israel against terrorism

In Spain, the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, and the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, have shown their rejection of the terrorist attack against Israel. "We condemn this massive attack by Hamas and express our solidarity with the victims," Feijóo stated. "All our support for Israel, which today is under a very serious terrorist attack," Abascal said."And all our rejection of the sowers of hate and who, from Western politics, protect them," added the Vox leader.

The contradictory messages from the Pedro Sánchez government

As far as the Spanish government is concerned, the messages have been contradictory. Sánchez has limited himself to expressing his "rejection of war" during a public event of the PSOE, and then publishing a message on Twitter talking about "terrorist attack against Israel" and condemning terrorism. However, the communist faction of the government has opted for the same equidistant messages that they exhibited before the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Minister Ione Belarra, from Podemos, has published a message in which it openly distances itself from the condemnations against Hamas, omitting all reference to the kidnappings of Israeli citizens and the terrorist attack by Hamas. In turn, the communist vice president Yolanda Díaz has expressed her "solidarity with all the victims", and has then asked "to end the occupation and that the Palestinian people can live with dignity", that is, repeating Palestinian propaganda while Palestinian terrorists attack Israel.

Communists and nazis, united by their hatred of Israel

This hostility to Israel is not exclusive to communists. It is the same hostility towards the only Jewish State that the nazis exhibit today on social networks, especially on Twitter, where anti-Semitic messages from the extreme left coincide once again with anti-Semitic messages from the extreme right. Today they are the two great allies of Islamism due to their sick hatred against the Jewish people.

We already saw this same coincidence with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, before which communists and nazis have adopted pro-Russian positions and have become mere repeaters of the Kremlin's slogans, moved by their denominators. common: anti-liberalism and hatred of the West. Let us remember that nazis and communists allied in 1939 to invade Poland, a Catholic and conservative country. The totalitarians have not missed a new opportunity to demonstrate that the closest thing to a Nazi is a communist. They are the same undemocratic garbage but in a different guise.

From Spain, all my support for the State of Israel, my condolences to the families of those murdered by Hamas and my hope that the Israeli Defense Forces will soon release the kidnapped people.

Am Israel Jai!
The People of Israel live!


Photo: AFP.

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