Once again they present the aggressor as a victim and the attacked as the evil one

Israel, Gaza and the cynicism of crying for Dresden without having cried for Warsaw

For many years now, when talking about the bombings of World War II, a very curious phenomenon has occurred.

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The famous Allied bombing of Dresden

In certain ideological environments, but also among the general public, the Allied bombing of the German city of Dresden is one of the most famous. The extreme right often cites it to illustrate their characterization of the Allies, and particularly the British, as criminals, as evil or more evil than the nazis. This use of the bombing of Dresden to demonize Allies has spread to other ideological sectors, whose common denominator is the rejection of Anglo-Saxon culture, liberalism or the West. Dresden would be a way of stating that the Allies were as bad as the Nazis.

The much less known German bombing of Warsaw

Those who commit this manipulation usually forget some things. The most basic is that Nazi Germany was the one that started World War II with the invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, an invasion that was coordinated with the Soviet Union, which joined the invasion. on September 17. The Poles were the victims of the first bombings of that war, bombings launched by German aviation and which had the capital of Poland as their main objective.

Warsaw was the target of constant bombing from the first day of the invasion. The worst bombing occurred on Monday, September 25, when 400 German bombers carried out 1,176 sorties against the city in a single day, a display of hatred known in Polish as the "czarny poniedziałek" (Monday black). At that time it was the largest bombing in history on a single city.

That day the Germans dropped 486 tons of high-explosive bombs and 72 tons of incendiary bombs on Warsaw. The Germans bombed three hospitals, a museum and many residential buildings, showing no mercy. In two of the hospitals attacked there were about 750 deaths. According to Polish historians Henryk Stańczyk and Karol Mórawski, the German bombing raids on Warsaw in 1939 killed 25,000 people, a figure equivalent to the 1945 Allied bombing raids on Dresden.

The brutal destruction of Warsaw before the bombing of Dresden

To complete the task, after defeating the Warsaw Uprising carried out by the Polish resistance, in the autumn of 1944 the Germans devastated the Polish capital, leaving it almost completely in ruins and murdering between 150,000 and 200,000 of its inhabitants, figures that multiply several times the victims of the Allied bombings on Dresden, which were carried out in February 1945, after the destruction of Warsaw. As additional information, it should be noted that Polish aviators participated in the bombing of Dresden, as well as British ones. I wonder how many people who only talk about the bombing of Dresden know these facts that I have just presented to you.

The claim that Israel allows itself to be attacked without defending itself

We can now see a clear parallel between the bombing of that German city and the Israeli counterattack against Gaza following the Hamas terrorist attack on October 7. There are people who use this counterattack to demonize Israel and present it as guilty of acts of terrorism or even genocide.

These types of qualifications usually come from people who at the same time do not condemn the Hamas attacks against Israel, or even who consider them comparable to the Hamas terrorist attack, that is, who consider a democratic country attacked by terrorists as as bad or worse than the terrorist aggressors. It is worth asking if what some want is for Israel to allow itself to be attacked without defending itself, because that is what can be deduced from its attitudes and words.

The consequences of attacking your neighbors

When talking about these things, some people forget a very important detail: when someone starts a war, they cannot separate themselves from the consequences of what they have started. The people of Israel have been trying to live in peace for many years, and meanwhile their Arab neighbors (including the Palestinians) have been doing everything possible to violently expel the Jews from the land of their ancestors. The first war to exterminate the Jews of Israel was launched by its Arab neighbors in 1948, shortly after the independence of the Jewish State. The Arabs have started all the wars in the region and have lost them all. Those who have been trying to expel the Jews from their land for decades, starting wars from time to time, are the same ones who They present themselves as victims of Israel.

The result of giving power to totalitarian criminals

Between Dresden and Gaza there are even more striking parallels. In the elections of March 5, 1933, the Nazi Party won in Dresden with 43.6% of the votes. At the time of these elections, Dresden had 642,143 inhabitants. 4,397 Jews lived in that city. Six years later, the Jews of Dresden numbered 1,459. In 1945 there were only 41 Jews left in Dresden. Most of the Jews in that city were deported and sent to extermination camps.

In January 2006, Hamas won the elections in Palestine with 44.45% of the votes. In this case, the disappearance of the Jews took place before that electoral process: in 2005 Israel evacuated all Jews from Gaza (about 7,000) after a wave of violence by Palestinians. The Hamas terrorists were not satisfied with driving the Jews out of Gaza and now they want to drive them out of the entire Middle East.

What happens in Gaza has only one culprit: Hamas

As happened in Nazi Germany, it was not the Jews who caused the misfortune of Gaza. The inhabitants of Gaza voted by a majority for Hamas just as the Germans in 1933 voted by a majority for the Nazis. Both the Germans and the inhabitants of Gaza were the ones who brought misfortune upon themselves by giving the power to totalitarian criminals bent on invading and murdering their neighbors. In all wars, the righteous end up paying for the sinners: not all Germans were Nazis and not all the inhabitants of Gaza are supporters of Hamas. But when a town decides to attack its neighbors, that town must assume the terrible consequences of its aggression.

Israel is not to blame for what is happening in Gaza, in the same way that Poland and the United Kingdom (which also suffered massive German bombings against their cities) were not to blame for Germany's misfortune. What is happening to the inhabitants of Gaza is the fault of Hamas, just as what happened to Germany was the fault of the Nazi Party. It was not the Israelis or the Poles who voted for those parties: they were the people of Gaza and Germany, respectively.

The cynicism of crying for Gaza and not for Israel

Those who now cry for Gaza (and launch serious accusations against the Israelis because they do not allow themselves to be killed without defending themselves) without having cried for the Hamas attacks that Israel has been suffering for years, are cynics, as cynical as the Nazis who cry for Dresden but not for Warsaw. Some try to present the aggressor as a victim and the attacked as the evil one, an obscene and criminal manipulation, whose sole purpose is to justify the aggressors: the Nazis in one case and the Hamas terrorists in the other.


Photo: The Times. Israeli soldiers collect the bodies of civilians killed by Hamas terrorists in the Kfar Aza massacre on October 7, 2023.

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