They spread Hamas hoaxes without making any effort to verify them

Informational terrorism: many media outlets are acting as loudspeakers for terrorists

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about "informational terrorism", an expression that has been used very rarely in Counting Stars.

An Islamic Jihad rocket hits a hospital in Gaza and Hamas blames Israel
The bloody lies that antisemitism uses to feed Hamas terrorists

They act as spokespersons for Hamas and contribute to inflaming Muslims

The reason why I use that expression very little is because my country has experienced decades of ETA terrorism and I do not want to contribute to trivializing that word. But what we have experienced in the last few hours does deserve to be classified as "informational terrorism", if only because many media outlets and many journalists have ended up behaving as loudspeakers for terrorists of Hamas, contributing to its disinformation strategy, which largely aims to inflame Muslim communities to generate outbreaks of violence in different countries.

The case of the Gaza hospital that was hit by a Palestinian rocket

What happened yesterday in Gaza, according to all the evidence, is that Palestinian terrorists tried to murder Israeli citizens by launching massive rockets, as they have been doing for years without many media paying attention to terror daily life of the inhabitants of Israel. One of those rockets hit a hospital in Gaza and the Hamas terrorists blamed Israel, adding the lie to their long list of vile things in recent days: murders, torture, kidnappings and rapes.

Many media outlets assumed Hamas' version without any verification, presenting in their headlines as fact what was, in reality, disinformation from a criminal gang. Some politicians spread this hoax in their strategy that anything goes to criminalize Israel: this is the case of the far-left Spanish ministers Irene Montero and Ione Belarra, who at the time of writing these lines, hours after the truth about what happened, they have not yet withdrawn their false accusations nor have they apologized for launching them. They have already shown that for them hatred of Israel matters more than the truth.

A scandalous equidistance between a democratic country and a terrorist group

Once the facts have been disseminated, some media have opted for a scandalous equidistance between Israel and Hamas, equating the systematic lies of a terrorist group with the verified information published by a democratic State. All the calls that these media have made against disinformation have been forgotten, as they act as agents of the worst disinformation that a journalist can spread, which is that which favors the plans of a terrorist organization (and not "militia") like Hamas.

The consequences of the Hamas hoax spread by many media

As a result of the irresponsibility of these media outlets, last night a mob of Muslims attempted to storm the Israeli Embassy in Jordan, there were riots in the West Bank and protests in other Arab countries. Hamas will feel very satisfied with the help provided by a part of Western journalism, whose lack of professionalism and scruples has provided a great boost of oxygen to that terrorist group after the atrocities it committed on October 7 in Israel.

They criminalize a country victim of a monstrous terrorist attack

It is especially repulsive to observe thatin just ten days, many media outlets have contributed to criminalizing a country that was the victim of a monstrous terrorist attack. Yes: that is information terrorism, because this disinformation campaign will serve to inflame millions of Muslims, which could lead to new terrorist attacks like what happened on Monday in Belgium. The blood of the victims will not only weigh on the terrorists, but also on their propagandists, be they journalists, politicians, ministers and social media users.

Photo: APAimages.

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