These fighters were refueled in flight by planes from Spain, France and Italy

A splendid video of Spanish Eurofighters and EF-18 during the Ocean Sky 23 exercise

From October 16 to 27, the Spanish airspace of the Canary Islands hosted an important international air force exercise.

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The excellent demonstration of a Eurofighter of the Spanish Air Force in the Czech Republic

This exercise, called Ocean Sky 23, is "the largest air combat exercise organized by the Air and Space Army. 800 people, 42 combat aircraft, 3 in-flight refueling, a maritime surveillance plane and 2 rescue helicopters train air-to-air combat tactics over the Atlantic Ocean," according to points the Spanish Air Force. In the exercise, two sides, red and blue, disputed the airspace"in missions that involve 30 combat aircraft and the 3 tankers that participate in the exercise, flying from simultaneously."

EF-18M and Spanish Eurofighters on the platform of the Gando Air Base, in Gran Canaria, during this exercise (Photo: Ministerio de Defensa).

Spanish Eurofighter and EF-18 fighter jets entered into simulated combat with F-16 fighters from Portugal, Greece and Turkey, "allowing pilots to take advantage of the characteristics of each model. This is what is known as dissimilar air combat, that is, between different fighter models, with different characteristics," the Spanish Air Force says.

F-16 of the Greek Air Force at Gando Air Base during this exercise (Photo: Ala 46).

France and Italy also participated in this exercise with two tanker aircraft: an Airbus A-330MRTT of the Armée de l'Air and a Boeing KC-767 of the Aeronautica Militare. The Air Force contributed 11 Eurofighters from the 11th and 14th Wings and 19 F-18s from the 12th, 15th and 46th Wings in addition to an Airbus A400M tanker aircraft from the 31st Wing, a CN maritime patrol aircraft -235 VIGMA and 2 Super Puma helicopters from the 82 SAR Group.

Two Spanish EF-18Ms refueling in flight during the exercise (Photo: Ministerio de Defensa).

As is usual in these events, some spotters (as photographers specializing in airplanes are called in aeronautical slang) had the opportunity to take photos and record videos from the Spanish A400M. A formidable opportunity to see fighter jets and tankers in flight.

The spotters on the rear ramp of an Air Force A400M Atlas during this exercise (Photo: Ejército del Aire).

Yesterday, Miguel Ángel Ramírez (Miketheavgeek) published an excellent video yesterday recorded from the Spanish A400Mshowing Spanish EF-18s and Eurofighters during a refueling operation. In the video we see the French A-330MRTT and the Italian Boeing KC-767, as well as the hold of the Spanish A400M:


Main image: Miguel Ángel Ramírez (Miketheavgeek).

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