The PSOE got carried away by authoritarianism and now the reactions begin

They want to privilege violent criminals: the time for good education is over

There are two very important reasons to defend the importance of good education in a society, whatever your way of thinking.

New protests called in front of PSOE headquarters while a socialist media outlet tries to intimidate protesters
More than 1,300 judges in Spain denounce that Sánchez's amnesty means “blowing up the rule of law”

The first reason is respect for others. Treating your neighbor with good manners is a way to show respect and, at the same time, earn the respect of others. The second reason is practical: good education is the basis of coexistence in a civilized society. Their absence is usually a reason for conflict, since belittling others is usually the most direct way to confront them.

The PSOE wants to erase the serious crimes of its separatist allies

Six years ago, Spain suffered a separatist coup promoted by a regional government, an attack on coexistence between Spaniards that was financed with public money and was accompanied by violent altercations promoted by the separatists. Now, the government of Pedro Sánchez, in need of the support of those same separatists, intends to erase the crimes committed and leave violent criminals unpunished, transmitting the idea that the government and its allies are above the law and can annul final court rulings at will.

This amnesty is an injustice and a threat to coexistence

No matter how much the socialists blatantly lie trying to whitewash this, the amnesty announced by Sánchez does not favor coexistence, but seriously threatens it, by conveying the idea that Spaniards are no longer equal before the law , the idea that there are Spaniards who can commit crimes without consequences, simply because the government has granted them a privilege that the rest of us lack. With this measure, Sánchez will turn our Rule of Law into a State of abuse, in which the rules of coexistence are applied or not depending on the personal interest of the president of the government or the particular interest of his party.

The amnesty announced by Sánchez is a scandalous injustice and an attack on the foundations of democracy, which cannot exist if the law is not equal for everyone and if some enjoy the privilege of committing crimes and not suffering. no punishment for it. By what right will the authorities impose sanctions for any minor infraction on a citizen while erasing the serious crimes of their allies?

The anger that this abuse is causing in millions of Spaniards

Perhaps the government, absorbed in its private interest, did not realize that such a blatantly abusive measure can only provoke the anger of millions of Spaniards, an especially strong anger when we see that the government acts with a pleading attitude towards a group of criminals while any Spaniard who makes a mistake of a few euros on their tax return is ruthlessly treated or who barely exceeds a speed limit.

Some senior socialist officials have begun to show the effects of the anger that they themselves have provoked among millions of Spaniards. Yesterday, the Secretary of Federal Policy of the PSOE, Patxi López, stated that socialist leaders and militants are being "threatened and pointed out", but without giving any example. Along the same lines, the socialist deputy César Ramos denounced: " The harassment to which we socialist deputies are being subjected is indecent, the public accusation that they attack us is a shame."

The victimhood of a PSOE that is allied with the violent far-left

These statements are made by two deputies from a PSOE allied with those who refuse to condemn the more than 800 murders of ETA, a PSOE that has not condemned a single one of the multiple attacks that Vox has been suffering since years ago, and that is associated in the government with a far-left party that has openly justified these attacks. During these last years, the PSOE has allied itself with a mafia ultra-left and now complains that there are Spaniards who let themselves be carried away by anger when they see how the socialists are dedicated to demolishing our democracy at the hands of some coup plotters.

Frankly, that victimhood can be spared. It is the PSOE itself that has encouraged violent attitudes, going hand in hand with totalitarians who consider that terrorism does not deserve to be condemned and that it is legitimate to attack a political rival. The PSOE has trampled on the due respect of millions of Spaniards by announcing intolerable privileges for its separatist allies, privileges aimed at erasing the serious acts committed by violent criminals.

The PSOE has put an end to the time of good education

With these actions, the PSOE has put an end to the time of good education, in the belief that it has the right to violate our Constitution and our laws and that the rest of us do not even have the right to protest. The PSOE has allowed itself to be carried away by authoritarianism and what it cannot ask for now are sweet words or elegant gestures. Gestures that, furthermore, it never had for its political and ideological rivals, whom it has insulted in the most varied ways for decades, trying to exclude them from the democratic game. It is time for the PSOE to try its own medicine.


Photo: Efe. Civil Guard vehicles destroyed by separatists in Barcelona during the 2017 coup.

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