A criminal act that contradicts the historical revisionism of the socialists

Efe, controlled by Sánchez, hides the authorship of an far-left terrorist attack

This Sunday, December 10, we have once again seen the bias imposed by the socialist government of Spain in the media that are under its control.

Spain 1933: when the far-left derailed three trains after a right-wing electoral victory
Spain: a totalitarian law that hides the war crimes of the left comes into force

A wave of far-left terrorism as revenge for a right-wing electoral victory

Today is the 90th anniversary of the derailment of the "El Sevillano" express train, caused by the extreme left as part of a wave of terrorism unleashed as a rejection of an electoral victory of the right in the general elections of November 1933, during the Second Republic. In the days following the opening of a new legislature, and as I told you here, the anarchists derailed a total of three trains in Briones, Zuera and La Coruña.

Express train 831, derailed in Briones (La Rioja) due to an anarchist attack on December 9, 1933. It was one of three trains derailed by the extreme left at that time in protest against an electoral victory of the right (Photo: Ahora).

This wave of terrorism took place in the midst of a coup d'état led by the anarchists of the CNT, a rather serious blow, which forced the declaration of a State of War and the mobilization of the Army. The seriousness of the events is demonstrated by the death toll of the coup, more than a hundred, and the number of weapons that were seized from the coup plotters when the rebellion was put down: 1,000 short weapons, 825 rifles, more than 2,600 bombs and more than 21,000 rounds of ammunition.

The terrorist attack against the 'El Sevillano' train

The attack against the "El Sevillano" train was the most serious attack perpetrated by the coup plotters: it left 23 dead and 38 wounded and mutilated, as indicated by Abc on December 12, 1933. This wave of violence was not the exclusive responsibility of the anarchists.

The derailment of the 702 Barcelona-Seville express in the Puig ravine (Valencia), caused by a terrorist attack by the extreme left, which left 23 dead and 38 injured and mutilated (Photo: Ahora).

Let us remember that before the elections, the Socialist Party (PSOE) had threatened with a "civil war" if the right won the elections, a threat made by its then general secretary, Francisco Long Knight. "We will carry out the revolution violently," said the socialist leader 11 days before the elections and a month before the wave of attacks unleashed by the anarchists of the CNT.

Efe hides the responsibility of the extreme left for that terrorist attack

On the day that marks 90 years since the derailment of the "El Sevillano" train, today the Efe agency, controlled by the Sánchez government (just a few days ago put to in front of that agency to its former Secretary of State for Communication Miguel Ángel Oliver) published a tweet remembering the attack against the "El Sevillano" train. The message lowers the death toll published by the media at the time from 23 to 10, but the most significant thing is that Efe hides responsibility for the attack perpetrated by the extreme left:

Concealing responsibility for a terrorist attack is not a common practice of that agency. For example, last year Efe recalled the attack by the extreme right against a labor law firm in Madrid on January 24, 1977. On that occasion, the agency did point out - correctly - that the authors were "three members of the extreme right":

It just so happens that in that Twitter account, dedicated to publishing archive photos referring to anniversaries, Efe has never used the expression "extreme left" even once.

This attack contradicts Sánchez's historical revisionism

It is not difficult to guess what this curious omission today is about: the PSOE and the CNT were allies during the Spanish Civil War. Both organizations were part of the Republican side. Suggesting that the allies of the PSOE committed terrorist attacks like those mentioned, in revenge against an electoral victory of the right, would imply recognizing that on that side they were not the "democrats" that the left says in its historical revisionism , cynically disguised as "democratic memory" by the government of Pedro Sánchez in the last legislature with a law dedicated precisely to hiding the crimes of the left during the Second Republic.


Main photo: Ahora. The 702 Barcelona-Seville express after its derailment in the Puig ravine (Valencia) on the night of December 9 to 10, 1933, due to an anarchist attack.

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