They will also legalize outrages against Spain and insults to the Armed Forces

After fining people for praying, Sánchez and his partners will legalize the glorification of terrorism

The government of Pedro Sánchez, formed by a coalition of socialists and communists, once again displays their favors to the terrorists.

The favors to ETA for which Pedro Sánchez does not want anyone to talk about those terrorists
The Sánchez gov't prohibits a group of Catholics from exercising their right to pray in the street

The left will legalize the apology of terrorism and outrages against Spain

At the end of September, Sumar, the coalition that brings together the communist half of the government, presented a bill to repeal certain crimes, among them the apology of terrorism, outrages against Spain, mockery of believers, insults to the Judiciary, the Armed Forces and the Police and insults to the Crown. The Socialist Party (PSOE) has already announced that it will support this initiative.

With this bill, socialists and communists intend to legalize crimes that the far-left and their separatist partners have been defending and practicing for years, in their attacks against Catholics, against the Armed Forces, against judges and against the King, and also in their displays of support for terrorism. Basically, this initiative implies converting the Penal Code into a funnel law, which allows the left to do all kinds of atrocities and at the same time imposes a gag on others.

The same left that threatens people with sanctions for praying

Let us remember, without going any further, that in the last legislature the authors of that initiative they criminalized the mere act of praying in front of abortion clinics, classifying that fact as "harassment." A few weeks ago, this same government prohibited Catholics from praying near the PSOE headquarters, threatening those who did so with fines. All this, we must not forget, after legalizing the violent picketing used by left-wing unions to force workers to strike when they say. The left is degrading democracy in Spain at a forced pace, as it already did in Venezuela.

Sumar says that the apology for terrorism is 'freedom of speech'

Taking into account these prohibitions on praying, it is surreal to read that Sumar's initiative considers that the apology for terrorism is "freedom of speech". That is to say, that this communist formation (and its socialist colleagues who also support this initiative), considers that praising murderers is legitimate but that praying in front of an abortion clinic or in front of the PSOE headquarters should be subject to persecution. What will be next? Persecute the victims of ETA who demand Justice for their loved ones, while tolerating - as the Sánchez government has been doing - tributes to the terrorists who murdered them?

A dubious argument that applies to ETA but not to the Franco regime

Sumar's initiative has statements that are paradoxical. For example, it says: "In a context in which neither ETA nor GRAPO nor their entourage are already active, this crime makes no sense except to repress freedom of expression." This is said by the same left that approved a law to fine those who praise Francoism, a regime that disappeared in 1977, many before ETA and the GRAPO stopped committing murders. This difference is only explained by the fact that the PSOE and Sumar are allied with the party of ETA sympathizers, which has never condemned the crimes of that terrorist group and that, if this law is approved, You will be able to praise it openly.

Left-wing tweeters, filmmakers and rappers, the new privileged

On the other hand, Sumar's initiative states: "Tweeters, filmmakers and rappers are being prosecuted for their messages on the Internet, their feature films and the lyrics of their songs." And where is the problem? Are tweeters, filmmakers and rappers above the law? It has not been seen that the left considered it a problem to persecute and fine students, housewives, the elderly, parents and all kinds of innocent people for the mere fact of praying or demonstrating in front of the socialist headquarters in Madrid. Already in 2017, the socialists threatened with heavy fines to those who sang "Cara al sol", a hymn that does not even advocate Francoism. Has freedom of expression become a privilege of socialists, communists and their allies?


Photo: Europa Press.

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