The media that published it was condemned in 2014 for spreading fake news

The Spanish Socialist Party shares a hoax to attack the right of association of abused men

Just a few days ago, Pedro Sánchez formulated a Putinist idea to limit freedom of the press with the excuse of hoaxes.

The reaction of the 'fact-checkers' to the Sánchez government's hoax about the UN
The truth about the hoax that says that the UN rejects the Spanish concord laws

A hoax from the newspaper El Plural that has been shared by the PSOE

Last week, the Spanish socialist government itself spread a hoax about the UN and yesterday its party did something similar again: the Valencian federation of the Socialist Party (PSOE) attributed to "Vox's denialism" the creation of "an association of men abused by their wives", stating: "It tramples, once again, the rights of abused women."

To justify these absurd statements, the Valencian PSOE linked a hoax from the socialist newspaper El Plural (a media outlet that has been around for ten years has already been convicted for publishing false news about Francisco José Alcaraz, today a Vox deputy). This hoax states that the president of the Valencian Government "allows the creation of an association of men abused by his wives."

What Art. 22 of the Spanish Constitution says about the right of association

Both the hoax from El Plural and the message from the Valencian PSOE to spread it make it evident that the socialists have not properly read Article 22 of the Spanish Constitution, which recognizes the right of association, establishing only three limits to the exercise of that right: that associations "pursue purposes or use means classified as a crime", that they are secret or that they are paramilitary in nature. Defending the rights of abused men is not illegal in Spain, obviously, and of course such an association is neither secret nor paramilitary.

On the other hand, identifying the defense of abused men with the attack on the rights of abused women, as the Valencian socialists stated in their message yesterday, in addition to being extremely stupid, is also a slander, and this is indeed a crime classified in the Spanish Penal Code.

What Article 14 of the Constitution says about equality before the law

Likewise, that lie gives an idea of the curious concept of equality that socialists have. Are they suggesting that a man can be abusive but not be abused? According to data published by the INE in 2020, in 2019 3,012 men were registered as victims of domestic violence in Spain. Are socialists suggesting that they were lying or that the law should protect them simply because they are men? Perhaps the socialists have not read Article 14 of the Spanish Constitution well either:

Spaniards are equal before the law and may not in any way be discriminated against on account of birth, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other personal or social condition or circumstance.

This association was approved by the government of Pedro Sánchez

The entity in question, the CV Foundation for the Defense of Abused Men, posted a thread on Twitter yesterday stating:

The Valencian Government is not the one who has allowed the creation of the association. Our association has existed at the national level since 2022, approved by the Ministry of the Interior, of the PSOE. What has been approved by the Generalitat has been that we constitute ourselves as a Foundation.

Thus, and not to change, El Plural lies: that association was approved by the socialist government of Sánchez, and not by the government of the Valencian Community. Of course, neither one nor the other could have objected anything to the creation of such an association, because its purposes are totally legitimate and legal in Spain. That said, will the PSOE and Pedro Sánchez classify El Plural as a "pseudomedia" for publishing hoaxes? Or will they not do so because it is a socialist newspaper?

The foundation denies the lies of the socialist newspaper El Plural

Returning to the statement, the aforementioned foundation has added the following:

We have no relationship with VOX. We are an independent Foundation at a political level, there are abused men from both the left and the right and we assist them all.

Regarding the accusation of "denialist" by El Plural, a very common practice of trivializing Nazism among the Spanish left, the aforementioned foundation points out:

We are not denialists. In the slogan of our website we already indicate the opposite: The existence of "A" does not imply the non-existence of "B". That is to say, recognizing and fighting against the abuse suffered by men does not mean denying the abuse suffered by women.

Even a 10-year-old child should understand this. The fact that El Plural has not understood it offers us an idea of the degree of intellectual maturity they have in the writing of that medium... Finally, the foundation points out:

The definition given in the newspaper of gender equality does not coincide with the international one promoted by the UN to which we adhere: “The equality of rights, responsibilities and opportunities of women and men, and girls and boys.”

The foundation adds: "We have provided assistance to more than 400 abused men in the last year". Some men to whom, apparently, the socialists do not recognize their constitutional right to equality before the law that the Constitution recognizes. Spanish socialism increasingly reeks of fascism and it is now impossible for it to hide that bad smell.


Photo: Małgorzata Tomczak.

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