It has broken the law to threaten them with fines, as if praying were a crime

The Sánchez gov't prohibits a group of Catholics from exercising their right to pray in the street

The government of socialists and communists headed by Pedro Sánchez is already openly imitating attitudes typical of a dictatorship.

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The attack on the rule of law is now directed against religious freedom

After its recent attack on the rule of law, through a pact with the separatists that attacks the separation of powers and equality before the law, now the Sánchez government attacks one of the rights most basic human rights: religious freedom. Specifically, the freedom of Catholics who gather daily to peacefully pray the rosary in the street, a right that does not need any permission.

For days now, and coinciding with the protests against the socialist coup against the rule of law in front of the national headquarters of the Socialist Party (PSOE), a group of Catholics has been praying the rosary for Spain in front of the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, belonging to the Claretian Missionaries and located on the same sidewalk as the PSOE headquarters. Prayer is done on the stairs of the church, peacefully and without interfering with anyone, but it seems that this also bothers a Spanish left that is known for its hostility to Catholics.

The government breaks the law to prohibit praying the rosary

This Monday there was a call to pray between 7:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. in that place, but according to the organizer, the Government Delegation in Madrid denied the call alleging that it did not meet the deadlines. The government appeals to Organic Law 9/1983, omitting what its Article 10 says, which only allows prohibiting the exercise of the right of assembly when it considers that there are "founded reasons that may occur disturbances of public order, with danger to people or property." What danger does it pose for anyone if there are people praying on the stairs of a church? The government has not even pointed it out in the communication prohibiting this act.

21 police officers to prevent a group of Catholics from praying peacefully

According to the organizer has communicated, the Police have deployed 21 officers to prevent this prayer of the rosary, a peaceful and legal exercise of a fundamental right protected by the Constitution. It is striking to see that the government sends 21 police officers to prevent people from praying, as if the Police did not have better things to do. Praying is not a crime, and if any member of the government feels threatened by seeing people praying, what they have to do is ask for a consultation with a psychologist, not call the Police, whose mission is not It is about satisfying the particular obsessions of any intolerant politician.

They have threatened those who pray with fines and arrested a woman

In addition to everything mentioned above, the Police have threatened to fine Catholics if they insisted on continuing to pray there, and finally a woman has been detained. Some facts that begin to remind us of what happens in socialist dictatorships such as Cuba, Nicaragua or Venezuela. Likewise, the Government Delegation has prohibited the calls to pray at that site scheduled for the 29th and November 30.

The same government that intends to amnesty those prosecuted for terrorism

This violation of fundamental rights occurs while the government intends to grant amnesty to Catalan separatists convicted of violent crimes and even prosecuted for terrorism. The message that the government conveys with this way of acting is that its allies enjoy impunity for committing crimes, while at the same time a heavy hand is applied against those who are not liked by the left even though they are not committing any illegality. It is an abuse of power typical of an authoritarian and sectarian government, which has already been pointed out in several rulings of the Constitutional Court by harming fundamental rights.

Christian Lawyers offers free assistance to those threatened with fines

This Monday, and given the news coming from Ferraz, the Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers has announced that will defend "free of charge to all those who see their right to religious freedom violated", and has published this recommendation for those who attend new calls to pray on Ferraz Street: "Don't forget to ask for the badge number of the police officers who prevent you from praying in order to initiate the necessary legal actions."

The conveners of the rosary will be there again this Tuesday

Given the abusive actions of the Government Delegation, the organizers of the rosary recitation have already announced that they will be there again this Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.. The government seems not to have learned its lesson with the abusive use it made of the Police in the first days of the protests in Ferraz, abuses that caused there to be even more protesters in the following days. With its actions this Monday, typical of an undemocratic regime, what the government is going to cause is that this Tuesday there will be hundreds or thousands of people praying in Ferraz, when until now there were only a few dozen.



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