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Spain: the list of the institutions that reject the socialist attack against the rule of law

In recent days, many institutions have spoken out against the PSOE's attack on the rule of law in Spain.

Criticism of the socialist coup in Spain from national and foreign media
The Spanish Judiciary describes the pact between the PSOE and Puigdemont as “a flagrant attack on the separation of powers”

These institutions have based their rejection mainly on the fact that the pact between socialists and separatists represents an attack against judicial independence and equality before the law and others have also alleged something equally or more important than that: the threat it poses to national unity. You can see here a list of the institutions that have already spoken out against this pact. This list will be updated as new institutional statements become known.

List updated on 11/26/2023 6:50 p.m.

Some data from this list, currently made up of 194 institutions, among others:

  • 11 autonomous governments.
  • 26 entities in the judicial field, including the Supreme Court, the 17 TSJ and the 4 largest associations of judges.
  • All prosecutors associations.
  • 51 entities of lawyers, court secretaries and attorneys.
  • 559 notaries.
  • 28 state officials associations.
  • 39 business, professional and commercial entities.
  • 22 media outlets.

Political parties with parliamentary representation and parliamentary groups

Autonomous governments



Lawyers, court secretaries and attorneys


State officials

Academic world

Business, professional and trade organizations


NOTE: in addition to the aforementioned entities, numerous associations and civic platforms are speaking out in the same sense and have joined mobilizations against this attack on the Rule of Law. Due to the difficulty of indicating them all, a specific list dedicated to them has not been made here.

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