It denounces that it is “an inadmissible interference in judicial independence”

The Spanish Judiciary describes the pact between the PSOE and Puigdemont as “a flagrant attack on the separation of powers”

The highest governing body of the Judiciary in Spain has today shown its rejection of pact announced by the Socialist Party and Junts.

Almost 3,000 Spanish judges denounce that the pact between the PSOE and the fugitive Puigdemont “breaks the separation of powers”
Statement of the General Council of the Judiciary of Spain against the amnesty: it is “a serious violation of fundamental rights”

After his recent statement against the amnesty, warning that it is "a serious violation of fundamental rights and of the system of division of powers itself", and hours after statement from the judicial associations rejecting this attack on the rule of law signed by Pedro Sánchez's party and the party of the fugitive Puigdemont, the Permanent Commission of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) has published at 9:52 CET the following statement (English translation provided):

Statement from the Permanent Commission

• In relation to the references to lawfare contained in the agreement signed today by the PSOE and Junts

Madrid, November 9, 2023.-

The Permanent Commission of the General Council of the Judiciary, meeting today in an extraordinary session, has approved the following statement

"Given the inadmissible references, which are both semantically and substantively, to 'lawfare' -judicialization of politics- contained in the agreement signed between the PSOE and Junts with the purpose of facilitating the investiture and, especially, in the face of the announcement of the eventual constitution of parliamentary investigation commissions that may determine what are ambiguously called "responsibilities" derived, precisely, from noticing situations of 'lawfare', we echo and We share the frontal rejection of such initiatives, in line with what has already been expressed by all judicial associations.

Such repudiation is based, in a very justified manner, on the evidence that this potentially implies subjecting to parliamentary review decisions framed in the exclusivity of the jurisdiction of our Courts which, on the other hand, we understand were produced in a manner fully consistent with the legality then judged. For all these reasons, the aforementioned initiative would imply an unacceptable interference in judicial independence and a flagrant attack on the separation of powers. The continuity of such a parliamentary initiative, if it materializes, would determine our most frontal opposition through the legally established channels.

At the same time, we must express our real and not merely nominal support to all the bodies of the Judiciary on the occasion of future actions that they may carry out within the framework of legality at all times, the current ultimate guarantee of the rights and freedoms of all our citizens.

The statement has been approved with the votes in favor of the president of the CGPJ, p.s., Vicente Guilarte; and the members Roser Bach, José Antonio Ballestero, Mar Cabrejas, Ángeles Carmona and Carmen Llombart. Member Pilar Sepúlveda has voted against.

The declaration has been sent to the rest of the members of the governing body of the judges so that, if they wish, they can express their adherence to it.


Photo: Efe.

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